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the showman

Another day at the sawbench

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As a few of you will have read i came home from Johns yesterday with a sprinter load of wood.

As I've been poorly for a couple of weeks and having a polythene sheet for a roof my wood stock had gone down dramatically so as it was a wet day i thought I'd cut it up



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Photo's for the Showman. :D


Had another couple of hours yesterday and today.


Empty store was full of leylandi for splitting. That was done first thing this morning. Some from in the cage was done yesterday.


2016-05-16 11.03.44.jpg


Cage 3ft x 5ft x 8ft was only 1/4 full. Now 3/4 full.


2016-05-16 11.04.00.jpg


The round logs are sycamore, cut down last year, and put through the saw bench yesterday. Now logged and in what was the empty store.


Last photo is of what we're using. Topped that up yesterday with a mixture of logs and scrap wood.


2016-05-16 11.04.21.jpg


Still got a load of sycamore and old leylandi to cut up. And three  telegraph poles. :)

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