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New addition to the workshop

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I'm not getting any younger and everything I work on gets heavier....


picked this up the other week for £30




and with some recycling of an old American bike rack that was built like a tank.






Ive got this 




A handy crane with a 4ft boom that swings inside the workshop


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I got my scaffold winch from Netto , around 10 or so years ago .Every winter it goes in the boot of the car with a 18" length of 1" steel bar .

It works a treat off one of the inverters ( 1200w ) and gives me enough pull to get out of trouble .

Cut out the tow ball profile in the back plate with my little Cebora plasma cutter .

It sits snuggly around the towing ball and the 1" bar is slid through the scaffold pole clamps to clamp the motor to the neck of the ball, quick and easy winch .

Plus i can use it as intened if the need arises .


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