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Plough Depth Wheel'

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  When ploughing with the Black Horse, the electric lift is either up or down. No way of controlling depth, other than various positions on the linkage. I've been thinking about a depth wheel for some time. I did have an attempt a while ago, but things didn't work out.

  This afternoon I started on another idea. Had a scrat round the workshop and came up with some bits and bobs.


  Some box section and a wheel of a scrapped walk behind mower, were a start.




  Arm is left over length and needs welding up. That will be done later.


  Next was some way to attach the wheel to the plough. It needed to pivot of course. Where to attach the pivot was solved by another piece of box section inserted between plough arm and braces. Photo later on.


  Box section cut to length and a length of threaded rod.



Couple of nuts to suit the rod.



Nuts turned down to fit in the box section.



Threaded bar screwed in and again over length. Split dowels were fitted after this photo.



And where the pivot goes. A tight fit in there and will be welded in when all things are together and I'm happy with it.



  And just to give you an idea how it will look. (I hope!)




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Bit more done this morning.


The box section is actually box section inside box section. Should be strong enough.



Zero depth.



This position would give 7" depth.



 I need to workout the adjustment mechanics now. I've a rough idea but need some more threaded bar.

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 Obtained some threaded bar yesterday from the farm workshop. So this morning I made the adjuster.


  A piece of round bar with one end drilled and tapped 22mm x 25mm deep. The other end drilled to suit some 3/8 black bar bent to form a handle. The threaded bar was then screwed in and secured with a dowel.




 I then started on a couple of swivels for the adjusting screw to pass through. One with clearance hole and one tapped out 12mm. Couple of pieces of 1" dia.  offcuts out of the scrap box would do the job. Problem was how to drill through the bar. My bench drill won't take sleeve drills.

 Then I had an idea. Faced off the ends, then put a small centre pop where I wanted to drill. Next fitted the four jaw chuck in the lathe and using a centre in the tail stock, aligned the pop mark with that. The first piece was drilled and tapped. The thread started in the lathe and finished in the vice.








 More lathe work to be done another day.



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  Had a good day in the workshop today. Got the swivels finished. Turned down to fit through the arm and drilled and tapped for securing bolts.  Forgot to take a photo.:sorry: Spent sometime thinking how and where to mount them. Eventually decided where on the arm and then rigged up a temporary mount for the top one.





Couple of nuts with the corners turned off to clear the arm. They will be pinned.



 I can set the depth down to 8-1/2 inch. Plenty deep enough and I very much doubt I'll plough that deep.

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9 minutes ago, Anglo Traction said:

I'm sure your ground up there is a lot softer than it is down this way at the mo' .


  You can say that again, Richard. I see how it performs when finished. Just a rough job with what I have available. Zero cost so far. :D




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17 hours ago, Stormin said:

Not bad for some scrap, electric and time.


That have to be the understatement of the week, it looks great and fantastic workmanship. It will be interesting to see how it works out.



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