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  1. OOP'S!

    Maybe use both belts now, might mow twice as fast!
  2. Black Horse gets a light job.

    Very nice. I have three lamps, was wondering what to do with 'em. Now I have wo....wo.....WORK (play!) to do. What is the small lock box on the fender? Might "need" one of those too.
  3. Work Horse

    Borrowed the whacker. Probably fie years ago, owner doesn't have a use for it. His drives are now paved, lucky for my grandson! He wouldn't like my hand tamper!
  4. Reclaiming my workshop

    Think of this often, great idea. A 20 footer would help but, being a Horse Hoarder a 40 foot container best. Next time I'm thinking of adding a peaked roof, why not? Just for looks, make it look nice and, attic storage too. I once used a 24 ft truck body, roll up rear door and a side door. Put the truck box on railroad ties, built a ramp to drive Horses in 'n out.
  5. A tale of two GT's

    Great Horses! Enjoy watching your videos, excellent!

    Great save! Thanks for posting. Guess I'm a tractor nut.
  7. One pass machine

    Never too early to spin some fertilizer. Why not go for it, chore done!
  8. One pass machine

    The weight tank needs two items: 1) Spray bar. and 2) Wheel powered pump!
  9. Getting the wife interested !

    Looks like a door stop. That's what we use ours for.
  10. What is it

    Appears to be a notched hand sickle.
  11. Bobcat

    Here's the Bobcat cleaned up some. Nice self-propelled mower.
  12. Bobcat

    Side of the road, $20. Runs great, guess I "needed" another mower. 21" self-propelled older mower. Cast aluminum deck.
  13. Work Horse

    Grandsons are claiming all the rides but, they have to earn 'em. The roller worked but, drives needed a little more packing.
  14. Work Horse

    A friends Mom flipped his Work Horse on it's side 10 years ago. Horse went to the dealer, repaired and a new 48" SD deck. Parked in his barn after repairs. Never used again. Cleaning out his barn I offered, "I'll haul the tractor away 'No Charge." Leon Redbone agreed. After cleanup, a bit of paint, added the Dial-A-Height, machine is excellent. Didn't care for all gray, belt guards are now Rustoeum Regal Red. Coarse skateboard grip tape on the foot rests, new seat.
  15. Lawn Boy Loafer

    Never saw one. Interesting, the youngsters would love the "new" ride!
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