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  1. Tecumsh MV100s as in Flymo

    Is it possible the engine is a VM100 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TECUMSEH-VM100-157012A-SER-70280-FOR-USED-STD-PISTON-WITH-OUT-RINGS-PN-34543/152210580440?epid=1901755037&hash=item23707523d8:g:qrgAAOSwwbdWOk5P I believe that part number was superseded by a later number, can you provide the complete model and serial number.
  2. Wisconsin engine

    Those were offered on the some of the late 1960s Bolens garden tractors, not sure if any other brands used them besides BushHog. I don't recall them on any stationary engines either, mostly S-8D's and BKN's on them
  3. Wisconsin engine

    Depending on the age you want the newer model and the one with more parts available would be the TRA-10D, it replaced the TR-10D and both are newer than most of the AENL or BKN, which were 7.2 and 9 hp engines
  4. Ford yt-16

    It sold for 107 pounds, it had the 5 Speed Peerless 801-020 five speed transaxle. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Yt-16-Garden-Tractor-/263594460785?nma=true&si=PkY5c6Z70zk%2BV5kf%2FuiLyXxMycg%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  5. A Good Day Out.

    Wow, I feel I've just returned from holiday, thanks so much for the pictures
  6. Tyre sizes

    I have 26x12-12 for discing, they might be too wide for ploughing, but I have a separate tractor for that with 25 x10-12 ITP 589s, the are both on 8.5 inch rims so they are only about 11 and 9.5 inches wide. I used a shorty hub and 10 inch front wheels and tires to increase ground clearance
  7. Tyre sizes

    If they are for show then I would be tempted to use 9.50 or 10.50 wide AG tyres. The picture in the ad posted is of a 10.50, an 8.50 AG tyre is much narrower than the one in the photo. Many companies do this (use generic photos) and I wish they wouldn't.
  8. Wanted deck,trailer and other attachments

    I only have the Service Manual for the 520 series and the Robin Engine manual
  9. Tyre sizes

    They should fit fine, most rear tyres for big garden tractors in the US and most late model Wheel Horses were 23 x 10.50-12, but for AG purposes 8.50 wide is actually ideal. That said, these are not very good AG tires if you are actually going to work in the field as the lugs are not tall enough or aggressive enough. You also may want to go to a narrower and/or taller tyre up front to aid in steering. If you indeed do use these in ploughing you might also consider fluid filling the tires with windscreen fluid and weights on the front as well. This hobby gets complicated, lol You may want to go with something like these https://www.ebay.com/itm/2-23x8-50-12-Ag-Tread-Tires-4-Ply-Tubeless-Duro-Brand-Wheel-Horse/302141588216?hash=item46590ac2f8:g:STgAAMXQnFhTj75G https://www.ebay.com/itm/2-NEW-Nanco-N440-Super-Lug-23X8-50-12-B-4PR/222710417124?epid=502170565&hash=item33da9346e4:g:ue8AAOSwaadaw5lx&vxp=mtr https://www.ebay.com/itm/Pair-2-Carlisle-Tru-Power-Tires-23x8-50-12-Bias-ply-Blackwall-523301/391786569620?hash=item5b384c9f94:g:duIAAOSwUoNaBz9B&vxp=mtr
  10. Wanted deck,trailer and other attachments

    While you are waiting for implements to pop up, it might be worthwhile to inspect and grease wheel bearings and all grease points as well as drain and replace all fluids and filters. Pay close attention to slop in front axle pin and wheel bearings. It might also be wise to check tie rod ends and steering parts for slop or wear. I may have the service manual.
  11. Skilshop Chainsaw Clutch

    In checking the clutch do inspect the backside of the hub where the sprocket is as well. A worn sprocket will allow the chain to slip and hinder performance.
  12. Skilshop Chainsaw Clutch

    I doubt cleaning the clutch will solve the problem, the clutch shoes wear on the inside of the hub and both need to be replaced periodically. The unven spacing between the two clutch shoes and the hubs inticates that both are nearly worn out, the springs are usually replaced at this time as well as the clutch bearing.
  13. Skilshop Chainsaw Clutch

    Make sure you turn clockwise to remove the nut, I use a disc grinder spanner tool on some of these with a pipe on the end for leverage that way the pins can get a better hold on the clutch than the wrench or spanner face can on the nut
  14. Vintage Fuel Tap saved

    Great job Richard, send me your address, I'm sending a bucket of bits your way.
  15. Happy Birthday S1G

    Sounds like you are well on your way to a really big birthday gift with a new house coming up. Congratulations.
  16. Beast from the East 2

    Beautiful pictures, no snow at all this year here in Oklahoma
  17. Input on News Needed

    I'm assuming you mean accusing Russia of targeting former spies without proof? I would agree, because there are many foreign actors out there that would benefit from escalated Russian/ British tensions or worse. I saw an article in the American media that discounts Putin's election victory, but given the fact that American media has turned him to a Super Villain I really don't doubt that he could have received 75 percent of the vote. Another case were our media is worse than many third world countries. The media is supposed to be blind to politics and shine light on all things, but it hasn't been that way in America in decades. Now the stock market falls over 300 points following revelations that Facebook helped Obama get elected and Google had a satellite office in the Obama White House in order to gather information on Americans all with the aid of our CIA. Apparently this was known to our Congress sometime ago as they fired John Brennan, the former CIA director, for being an accomplice to violating the privacy of millions of Americans. It really is a swamp, not a democrat or a republican swamp, but a political swamp that just stinks with corruption on all sides and in which both sides may have been in collusion to corrupt the entire political system
  18. Input on News Needed

    Here in the States (and maybe the rest of the world as well, that's why I'm asking), we have no real news sources any longer. It doesn't matter whether you go the four major news networks or to so-called liberal or conservative news infotainment channels such as MSNBC, Fox, CNN, or Yahoo. All news is now spun for ratings and to play to certain bases and segments of the population. There is absolutely no consistency or accuracy in so much of what we read that I don't think anyone over here including our leaders know what any particular situation is truly about. It would appear that out federal and local governments have turned into a talk show tabloid environment and has relinquished all control of their senses. The days of different opinions working toward viable solutions has been put asunder to name calling and character assassinations. The worst part of it all is that it seems his has had a particularly adverse reaction on our young people and the maturity level of the entire population is not much more than lower elementary school at best. Any reaction to the story I'm posting below, because it seems it is a non story written to agitate the people into believing the Russians are doing something they haven't been doing for some time, but I have no way of knowing here in the States, so I thought I would ask you chaps for your input. https://www.yahoo.com/news/uk-air-force-scrambles-2-fighters-russian-jets-124124066.html
  19. The Showmans new Toy

    Really a great machine, I wish I could find one here in the states
  20. Auto Culto Model M

    Not sure about the M model, this one of two Auto Culto literatures I have. AllenSimmons_AutoCulto_Deluxe_Brochure1953.pdf
  21. WHAT IS IT. ?

    How about a sickle bar mower?
  22. Tiger Tractor, Keyser, WV

    Awesome tractor and pictures. It reminds a little of Bready tractor
  23. WHAT IS IT. ?

    Its a Snapper MT750 (MotorTractor)
  24. Danarm Tornado

    From my understanding the reason for not painting finned cylinders is it lessens cooling ability
  25. Danarm Tornado

    That is really something, first pull started. I bet most new saw could never do that. I didn't know cylinders cold be painted, leastways that is what I have been told
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