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  1. New use for old Kitchen Unit

    you make the hard work look easy
  2. A Very Good Interview

    I believe you are correct in that understanding.
  3. Newby Hall Day 1

    Great photos Paul. Looks to have been a great event.
  4. One man went to destroy weeds

    DId you need a special permit to run that machine?
  5. A Day At Beamish Museum

    Lovely pictures, great history
  6. Battle of the Standard Vintage Gathering

    Fantastic pictures as always, thanks for everyone that shared
  7. BVAA 41st Vintage show 2018

    great pictures, looks like a very interesting show
  8. Resistor spark plug or non resistor?

    Still does,
  9. Very Special Package From The States

    Thats a super nice model, great score!
  10. Chainsaw Painting

    Thank you, that later plastic cased saws did not show any spike or holes for the spike in the parts list, maybey due to the plastic case not being sturdy enough Please do add the parts list, thank you. The later plastic cased saws did not show any spike or holes for the spike in the parts list, maybey due to the plastic case not being sturdy enough
  11. My 57cc 1972 Homelite XL-102 auto oiler getting a full restoration
  12. Chainsaw Painting

    The 71 Beaird Poulan should be a magnesium case. I have never seen a Felling Spike on that saw (later sold under Craftsman and Husqvarna brand names), as it would seem to be akin to a class 3 trailer hitch on a Vespa, lol
  13. Chainsaw Collection Grows

    Right now I am taking turns running them, checking carb settings, clutch wear, sprocket wear, bar and chain condition and since I never run any ethanol fuel I believe it will be okay to leave real gas in them for a while. Most of my caps are a Bake-O-Lite type material and all are vented caps. That said, You never ever want to run out of gas while under a load on a two-cycle engines, when the saw runs lean or out of gas it can ruin an engine quickly, New picture, I still have two saws not in the photo
  14. I have three more on the way. So tonight I lowered three shelves to utilize the top shelf
  15. Tornado in Germany

    I think I would have done an orderly retreat (reversed the damn car at a high rate of speed)
  16. Resistor spark plug or non resistor?

    On a side note, the Champion plugs worked great in older engines, but do not seem to be as as proficient in newer fuel injected or new design types of engines. I run Champion plugs in my old chainsaws and garden tractors and they run great and burn clean, but I wouldn't put them in my old Volvo 850 or a newer vehicle or engine.
  17. Chainsaw Painting

    Apologies to Andrew and Richard, I got mixed up on names, I even do that with my own name sometimes
  18. Chainsaw Painting

    Thanks Andrew, I did fix that saw and have it restored, it s a 115cc 1968 Homelite model 2000. I bought this one and it was delivered heavily damaged by the Post. It was missing the bar from the box and they had broken the handle support, it also had very low compression which the seller did not disclose. I found a NOS cylinder, piston, and ring kit. along with a gasket, seal, and bearing set. I also bought another one just like it that runs. These XL-102 Automatic oilers were only made two years (1971-1972), they are really hard to find, I'm happy to have one built in the first year and second year, they are slightly different.
  19. Any blokes here bidding on this?

    When I was a kid and had a problem with the car, my dad said it was easy to diagnose; there was a nut loose behind the wheel.
  20. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/cars/news/james-bonds-aston-martin-db5-goldeneye-offered-auction-bonhams/
  21. Any blokes here bidding on this?

    I too made another choice, I'm wanting to pull the trigger on a 1987 Yugo GV, lol for Andrew
  22. A mowing we will go.

    And no one mentions using a tooth bar with slip ons, lol
  23. A mowing we will go.

    The beard looks distinguished Norm,
  24. Bargain !

    Now that is a very handy addition
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