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  1. Wheelhorse from bits

    That Horse has turned out to be quite an able machine!
  2. Happy Birthday Koen.

    Happy Birthday Koen and hope all is well.
  3. Newark Tractor and Heritage Show

    Pictures were superb as usual, you have a real knack with the camera. Is that little yellow sprinkler on the the left side a Nelson?
  4. Ride On Shredder

    Not what you think, but very cool. https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/videos/all-terrain-surfing-on-the-dtv-shredder/?ftag=CAD-07-10abb4c
  5. Getting the Food Plots Ready

    This was the equipment I used. 1978 Montgomery Wards 5 hp 4 speed with reverse. I have a hiller attachment I'll use to created bed rows
  6. I have two food plots ready right now, the third is larger than these two together. My plan is to plant in stages to stagger the harvest into late next fall and have the sun room ready to use as a winter green house
  7. Getting the Food Plots Ready

    Nope, cows. I just put this new 4 foot high 2" x 4" wire around the property to keep out coyotes, neighbors dogs, raccoons, possums, armadillos, wild pigs, turtles, and skunks. The previous owner used the fenced in 24' x 24' area as a dog pen. Turtles are particularly voracious on vegetables.
  8. Would love to have this implement

  9. If anyone ever gets a chance at a Homelite 360, it is absolutly the finest saw I have ever cut with. Full anti-vibration isolaters, 57 cc, chrome bore aluminum piston electronic module ignition adjustable auto oiler. They discontinued the model around 1981, but used ones on great condition can be had for 150.00 or less I paid 60 for mine including shipping. It now sports a 20" sprocket tip bar.
  10. I have 23 vintage chainsaws (mostly Homelite's) now, 21 in the pictures, one on the bench and two in my truck for cutting firewood. The two 150's are pretty neat, both lightweight 54cc auto oilers, but the older (1973) one has a screw to adjust the amount of oil put on the chain.
  11. Bring and Buy sale

    Looks like they should have worn more cold weather gear, i.e. hats and scarves
  12. Nice to have visit from Triumph 66

    I'm not sure the disk is factory Bolens, but it sure looks like it. Great score Andrew
  13. Early xmas present !

    A site dedicated to John Allen of Oxford http://johnallenofoxford.webs.com/apps/forums/show/2345422-general-discussion and a forum dedicated to Motostandard, Gutbrod, and ELF http://www.gutbrod.co/viewforum.php?f=7&sid=618a8bafc39b2d94f1075a5eb0f6ed84
  14. Early xmas present !

    Any idea of its year?
  15. Cub Cadet with Loader For Sale

    Not bad. https://springfield.craigslist.org/grd/d/super-cub-cadet-2072-with/6349837401.html
  16. Category 0 three point lift

  17. Getting ready for when I snuff it

    We had the saloon version of this Cadillac when I was a kid, very roomy
  18. Joy Rider Strikes

    I was patient, took 4 minutes to download. What are you feeding that kid, he's outgrown the tractor. Two questions, are those plums on the tree and what flag are flying in the background, didn't look like the Union Jack?
  19. 1975 Wheelhorse C-100 Fuel Cap

    Any 1-1/2" cap, like off a gas can, will work as long as it's a vented cap. Parts tree and other vendors stock the original, about 40.00 with shipping
  20. Bolens Tube Frame MacKissic Sprayer

    Sort of, we took a road trip to visit a nature preserve about an hour away.
  21. It needs a little work and a lid, but I bought it for 100 US
  22. Happy birthday Paul

    Happy Birthday from the U.S. Paul, have a wonderful day

    It looks like a late model Roper T62241R RT-16 with the single cylinder 16hp Briggs and Stratton. I think the early ones were read, and they were black after 77, I bet Chris knows.
  24. Latest from our ploughing matches over the last 2 weeks

    Absolutely grade A work there George, I'm sure anyone that has put a plough in terra firma is in awe
  25. Hilgay collective machinery sale

    I hope someone will post photos
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