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  1. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-46853689
  2. HeadExam

    Rebellion in the Works?

    I think our nation is going through the same type of upheaval, but the States being a younger country, our actions are more like toddlers and yours more like defiant teenagers. the days of statesmanship and compromise seem to be long gone for these days we have people on both sides that refuse to give in on anything. They act immature and stomp their feet, hold their breath until they get what they want. Our parents were supposed to teach us that we don't always get our way, those lessons are no longer meaningful. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-46885828
  3. HeadExam

    Christmas workshop projects

    Maybe a makeover is in order, stylish new clothes, a facial and hair color, you actors have to "Keep Up Your Appearances", lol
  4. This is a XL-102 Automatic, its a 1970 saw weighing 11 pounds and has 57cc with auto oiler and manual over ride. These were only made in 1970 and 1971 I have one from both years. I couldn't get NOS decals so I had to do the best I could. Still need to install the carb and find a appropriate spot on the shelf. Last picture is what the saw looked like before
  5. HeadExam

    Kubota engine rebuild and mower overhaul test

    Looks very nice
  6. HeadExam

    Bit of Humour, I hope

    I've watched most of her series including the one on the history of Britain and clocks, very, very funny. Comedy and humour is down the loo in America and Britain, because comics want to talk about Trump and Brexit, no one thinks these things are funny, at least not in the way the actors are doing it.
  7. HeadExam

    Another Chainsaw Restoration

    ah, another member from the states
  8. HeadExam

    Another Chainsaw Restoration

    The color itself is really close to the original, but I made it using two Pontiac blue metallic colors and should only have used one metallic and one solid color, just a bit too much metallic compared to the original.
  9. HeadExam

    Handy Kit

    Yep, my dad had a nice one or the garage, but it was used for wood projects. Which is odd, Dad built two kit airplanes and sold airplanes for a living but wood working was his passion.
  10. HeadExam

    Handy Kit

    This would be a way to pull in some extra money on the side. Maybe one of you chaps could start a mobile milling service
  11. HeadExam

    Christmas workshop projects

    Alexis de Tocqueville was sent to America in 1831 by the French government to study many aspects of our government and wrote a book about his findings and comparing them to some of the problems Europe was facing due to a socialistic government. He believed one day America would fall to the same ways as more people demanded more for doing less. We are arriving at that state as we speak.
  12. HeadExam

    Christmas workshop projects

    Those aren't cheap, hope you can source an aftermarket part, some of the original NOS stuff goes right of 60 dollars US, even aftermarket ones go 30
  13. HeadExam

    David Brown 990 Three point issue

    Thank you, I will look into it. This David Brown is a dandy of a tractor for sure.
  14. I believe I have the issue fixed, but I'm still in the dark as to how this confounded system works. I love the tractor, but it has so far bettered me in its sophistication. There is a cable that can be positioned in a static hold or on the center/top link. I think it has to do whether the rear hydraulic or the lift is being used, but I do not know that for sure. I have all the manuals, but between trying to learn what all the parts and terms are to understanding why and how the features work it has been a slow go at becoming proficient with the tractors abilities. The cable was secured in the first picture to the rights side of the driver behind the lift control, but in order to use ground engaging implements this cable must be moved to the center/top link, you can see the holder where it slides into at the back of the center link rod
  15. HeadExam

    Christmas workshop projects

    I thought those were Lombardini 8hp engines Norm
  16. HeadExam

    Merry Christmas.

    Merry Christmas to all from this side of the warmer pond. 14 deg C here today
  17. HeadExam

    Last match of the year

    Pretty as a postcard George
  18. HeadExam

    Christmas workshop projects

    Very nice upcoming projects, looking forward to all, but especially the Westwood diesel.
  19. HeadExam

    C-125 Rebuild.

    So it is. I wasn't aware the Wheel Horse's used anti vibe carriages or motor mounts, many of the older ones were bolted directly to the frame, like the early Simplicity, Allis, and Ariens tractors. Still its good your looking for another sump, hard to say if that would last.
  20. HeadExam

    C-125 Rebuild.

    My main concern is from the vibration and/or the bouncing of the engine on the hard frame. Many tractors have sums mounted directly to the frame and others use rubber isolated carriages. It might be a good Idea to start looking for another sump.
  21. HeadExam

    C-125 Rebuild.

    "The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry", Robert Burns
  22. HeadExam

    Happy BD Fife Pooman.

    Happy Birthday George!
  23. HeadExam

    C-125 Rebuild.

    Many kohler engines burn oil due to worn valve guides, if you didn't replace them yet I sure would before you start I up, might also want to inspect valve faces and seats as well if you haven't done so already. EDIT: I think you can test valve guides by using a manometer to test pressure. Compression testers wont work on Kohler engines with ACR as the valves don't seat until after 600 rpm
  24. HeadExam

    Weekend ploughing

    Thank you George. I do not have the 3 coulter/disc wheels that cut the sod and any I have found are 100's of miles away and hundreds of dollars a piece used; which I find unfathomable. I tightened the nuts on the lift handle pivot and that seemed to take care of the hydraulic problem. I also shortened my center link so my tips would not point up, the plow pins are offset to so I don't have to change the draught arms differently and the plow has the ability to tack left or right in case of hitting a hard root or rock. I have stabilisers on both sides and will take some more pictures tomorrow morn. I'm hoping it will be dry enough to put the plow in the dirt later this week. Thanks to all for the advice, I hope to make a decent plow very soon.