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    1936 Bentley sells for 600,000

    Your link wasn't active because part of the URL was left out. I CCPed it and retrieved it. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-manchester-47651741
  2. https://www.thesun.co.uk/motors/8661647/wrecked-1936-bentley-once-owned-by-war-hero-who-bombed-hitler-to-go-on-sale-for-200000-after-30-years-hidden-away/
  3. HeadExam

    Happy Birthday S1g

    Happy Birthday, Hope you have a great day!
  4. HeadExam

    1975 Bolens G14

    Very good video Joseph.
  5. HeadExam

    Second Ardingly Collective Sale, March 16th

    Around here we have old codgers go to sales like this and pay 4 times the prices shown here. They will bid against each other at an auction until the item is well over the list price new and then some just to keep someone else from having it. I wish you chaps could see an Oklahoma farm auction.
  6. HeadExam

    Happy with my results 2019

    I could only dream of making those straight of furrows
  7. HeadExam

    Stahwille 10805 Hammer

  8. HeadExam

    Auction in the States

    Yep I saw a pretty nice running 100+ hp Case 1070 with a cab go for less than 2,000 at auction last year
  9. HeadExam

    Auction in the States

    Most of this wont bring 10 cents a pound. I wish I had some money https://kansasauctions.net/kurtz/03/23/
  10. HeadExam

    1975 Bolens G14

    Good work Joseph
  11. HeadExam

    1975 Bolens G14

    Great Video, hmmm 2009, How old were you?
  12. HeadExam

    Couple of implements.

    That's one of the nicest unrestored Brinly plows I've seen
  13. HeadExam

    C-125 Rebuild.

    and I as well, seems to be easier to steer
  14. HeadExam

    The blues brothers

    Very nice machine. I doubt I'll ever see one over here, the nearest I might come is a Wheel Horse D-250 (Gutbrod 2500), but I would much rather have a 1032
  15. HeadExam

    Our other 1971 Bolens Husky 1054

    The blue one appears to be missing the familiar Howards decal. Great video Joseph, sorting old tractors is like CSI forensics.
  16. HeadExam

    The blues brothers

    Is that a tooth bar in the background of the first picture?
  17. HeadExam

    Kohler 301AS sump pan.

    I looked up the spec numbers on the Wheel Horse C-125, there were two. One was 47723D and the other was 44742D (the first two numbers designate the engine size 47, 12 hp 60, 14 hp) both listed the number 9 pan on the manual as the correct pan. The k321 and k341 came out several years after the k301 and therefore have slightly different numbers for the same part, but as long as you use the TP manual to reference your spec number you can find the right part, even if it has more than one part number.
  18. HeadExam

    Kohler 301AS sump pan.

    I like that the TP manuals allow you to use your spec number to find the correct part for your particular engine variant
  19. HeadExam

    Another Chainsaw Restoration

    Thanks Richard, the decal maker sent me another decal, so alls well. I'm working on another XL-100 series saw of similar in design, this one a 1975 XL-123, complete rebuild, piston, rod, rings, bearings, seals, fuel lines, etc.
  20. This is a XL-102 Automatic, its a 1970 saw weighing 11 pounds and has 57cc with auto oiler and manual over ride. These were only made in 1970 and 1971 I have one from both years. I couldn't get NOS decals so I had to do the best I could. Still need to install the carb and find a appropriate spot on the shelf. Last picture is what the saw looked like before
  21. HeadExam

    Fastener Supplier

    These guys sell on ebay as well, they have many fasteners no longer available at most hardware store or spare shops. https://www.albanycountyfasteners.com/
  22. HeadExam

    Kohler 301AS sump pan.

    The Kohler TP manual shows 47-199-08 for the Wheel Horse C-125 oil sump, but the 14 and 16 horse use the 47-200-02 number, but that is the right/same sump. The k321-k341 came out later and many of numbers changed even though the parts were the same
  23. HeadExam

    MF7E Refurb project

    Here is the engine manual and a Massey 7E page so you can see original tyres and paint http://www.simplicityva.com/ymf/executive.html .You probably don't have the Kohler spec and serial number decal that was originally on the engine so you will have to look closely at the TP manual and find what sump, generator, air breather, rope start or electric start or both and other parts that were particular to your engine, by doing so you maybe able to determine the original 7 hp Kohler variant Duro Corporation installed into the Massey 7E. I would say it is real possible that it is a spec number of 2801 or very close to that. The TP manuals allow you to look up the spec number and cross reference which parts were used on your tractor. K161-L161_7HP_TP1053A.pdf
  24. HeadExam

    Another tractor out for 2019

    Great piece of History, I'd leave it be. It might need a more aggressive tread or tyre to pull the plow
  25. HeadExam

    Kohler TP manuals

    I have become aware that many do not have the Kohler TP manuals that show all the variants on different Kohler engines and how to find the right part. The best way to tell is to download the Kohler TP manual on each engine model (or your engine) and compare part numbers, There are two sump pans for the K301 and K341 that interchange, but there are many more that don't. It depends on what tractor and engine as much as the horsepower . The TP manuals show all the various parts used on each engine i.e. all the starters and generators used on the all the different k301 variants, all the oil pans, carburetors, dipsticks, alternators, air breathers, etc. There is also a numerical system incorporated in the TP manuals that allows you to know what part was used on your variant by the use of the spec number that is on the engine. This is all basic reference 101 and saves much times and money in finding parts that actually fit. Attached is the TP manual for the Kohler K301. This manual covers dozens of K301 variant engines and if the "spec number" sticker is missing from your engine there is a website that you can find it. If anyone one wants TP manuals for other Kohler engines let me know Kohlerl_K301_12HP_IPL_TP2097.pdf K321_14HP_TP-691-B.pdf K341_16HP_TP-983-B.pdf