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    Sears Roper fuel tank.

    Looks real good, you might want to put a crystal clear UV clear coat on it. I say crystal clear, because regular clear yellows
  2. I didn't think so because a lack of an enormous power plant
  3. HeadExam

    Big Brother and wee Brother

    Great Family!
  4. HeadExam

    Happy Birthday Alain.

    On Holiday again? you are doing well at your job, they dont want you there, lol
  5. HeadExam

    Bolens Fuel Pump

    Here are the manuals for the 5100 series. the part number of the fuel pump is 1743165. I don't see a OEM pump for sale, but I've just always bought the aftermarket pump for 12.00 and change, just take the old one to the spares store and match the electrical connection, most universal aftermarket pumps should have the same connector. Here is a Facet OEM pup used on Bolens and John Deere tractors. https://www.ebay.com/itm/John-Deere-70-128-400-Fuel-Pump-90-67-from-JD-Facet/183464396372?hash=item2ab7548654:g:O~EAAOSwtltbiKWS:rk:7:pf:0
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Bolens 5100 series Owners manual, Parts manuals, and Service manual. The 5100 or Duratrac line was comprised of 4 (five, if you count the 5118HS with optional power steering) different models with only the engine type being any significant difference. The DGT1700, 5117H, the 5118H (S), and the 5120H. The 17 hp Mitsubishi powered diesel, and 17, 18, 20 hp Kohler magnum petrol models.
  7. HeadExam

    Happy Birthday Alain.

    I did, its a 1881 Behr piano. Prices on auction range from 3500, to 12,500
  8. HeadExam

    Happy Birthday Alain.

    It's not belated Andrew. It's 4:02 in the afternoon here, I'm getting ready for an Italian dinner. Thanks to all for the birthday wishes, never really thought I'd be here at this stage in my life, others might have been thinking that as well, lol
  9. HeadExam

    Happy Birthday Alain.

    It's been a good week. I was able to share food from my garden and feed three other families for nearly a week in vegetables. I am about to receive my 38th saw and have two other strong possibilities. These last 4 saws will be the rarest saws I have and what every Homelite saw collector wants. They are only two of the same models, but one saw was made in Canada and one made in the US., this will be the third double set I have. I was able to remove the rubbish from a house being renovated and one item was a antique 1881 piano that turned out to be worth more than a few thousand dollars. I asked three times if the piano was for salvage and they assured me everything was, along with the several hundred I was paid I was able to sell about 300 dollars worth of scrap oak trim. Very good week.
  10. HeadExam

    Bolens Fuel Pump

    Remove the seat pan, 4 bolts under the seat. Be careful with the tail light wiring. The 2 speed trans axle shift lever knob should unscrew and you can work the pan over the lever or just lift it out of the way a bit. You need the parts or service manual? I have them.
  11. HeadExam

    Bolens Fuel Pump

    Any low volume 12 volt fuel pump will work. Most spares stores will carry it
  12. HeadExam

    Bolens Fuel Pump

    The diesel fuel pumps on many bigger Bolens tractors made by ISEKI were water cooled just like large tractors and had injector pumps, However the Large Frame Bolens garden tractors were offered with an air-cooled diesel Mitsubishi and/or Wisconsin (Teledyne) engines that used a standard 12 volt fuel pump. Those models include the DGT-1700, HT20D and HDT1000. The 14 ISEKI geared models from 15-29 hp were the G152 (15hp), through G294 (29hp), and the two hydrostatic models H1502 and H1704 15 and 17 hp respectively. The first two numbers were the approximate horsepower. A model ending in the number 2 was two wheel drive and a model ending in 4 was 4 wheel drive.
  13. The Falcon name disappeared from American Fords in the early to mid 1970s, so I was surprised to see a 2016 Ford Fusion with a Falcon nameplate. https://www.foxnews.com/auto/last-new-ford-falcon-found-in-dealers-garage?intcmp=ob_article_footer_text&intcmp=obnetwork
  14. Any old pictures you could get from Norm?
  15. Looks like people didn't get many chances of recidivism in past times
  16. HeadExam

    My new Tractor

    How about Roland after Sir Roland de Velville
  17. HeadExam

    My new Tractor

    Very able and stout machine
  18. HeadExam

    Ardingly Autumn Show

    Great pics Chris
  19. HeadExam

    Happy Birthday slf-uk.

    Yep, Hope you had a Happy Birthday
  20. Need a few pigs in the 4x4 and a couple of surfboards on the Woody
  21. HeadExam

    Fame Again.

    I think he can distinguish hens from roosters isn't that diversity?, lol
  22. HeadExam

    New Tractor, Garden, and Wood Harvesting

    I took my mate a 16 foot trailer full of split wood (2 ricks)to his house besides what I've kept, looks like about 5-6 ricks off this tree when all said and done.
  23. A close friend of mine sold me his 1953 Ford Jubilee tractor and brush cutter for the sum of 1 dollar and further consideration in keeping him in fresh vegetables. I didn't know it at the time, but next week he is also bringing me a Cub Cadet 1650, and 1250 with a rotovator and cutting decks, along with an old Allis garden tractor, all stuff stored in his shed for many years. The second garden planting is producing massive amounts of squash, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, okra and melons. The sun room has a new door and all windows are sealed up ready to be a winter greenhouse and solar heat for part of the inside. I cut up a giant maple that fell in a storm and got most of the wood split. I have 10 feet of 48" diameter trunk left. My Friend Ralph came over and wanted a picture of him in front of the large piece of wood I had placed upon the wood splitter. He does this often, comes over and puts on work gloves then wants me to send pictures to him that show him working, notice he is on the wrong side of the splitter to work the hydraulics, strange fellow. I think he is an actor in life, he never really does anything, nice guy, but you cant count on him. My 1982 Homelite 410 with 68cc and a 24" Oregon bar cut through that tree like it was shrubbery. I will have to break out the 110cc Homelite Super 1050 with the 30" bar for the rest of the trunk
  24. HeadExam

    Fame Again.

    Very deserving.
  25. HeadExam

    New Tractor, Garden, and Wood Harvesting

    The "gold" is faded red and the grey is Ford Grey. Ford didn't start using blue on American tractors to the early 60's. I think the Fordsons got blue early on.