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Tractor World Malvern 2017

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i tried to find you Gareth but couldn't anywhere, didn't have to much time either as I was at the auction most of the time. Now that you said you bought the yeoman I must of seen you as I was also bidding on it:P.


I have got lots of pictures but will post them all up later as still on the way home.


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11 hours ago, the showman said:

Well done mate, good coverage. :bow:




11 hours ago, neil said:

I thought T&M were not doing the horticultural section anymore , haven't bought the tractor porn mag for ages 


Two pages an issue Neil, sometimes worthy of interest


11 hours ago, Stormin said:

I think Paul bribes them. :hide:


No mate, don't need to ! :D


10 hours ago, Darmic1 said:

Not just Paul lol!



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