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 Had a good show and also good to catch up with friends not seen since last year. I've taken a few photo's but they'll have to wait till next week when I'm home. I'm on Chris's lap top.

Got a couple of nice surprises this afternoon, on my return from playing in the potato patch. The C-81 got 1st in class, (Again!) The Sears/Roper got 2nd. :D

Alan's Mini D is really something to see and drew many admiring comments and looks.

Just to give you a chuckle, I went to get my phone from out of the Disco, to tell SWMBO the good news about the tractors. Only I couldn't find it. :huh: Then I had a thought. I got Chris to phone me. Just as I thought, we heard my phone ringing from INSIDE MY PACKED AWAY popup tent. :banghead::banghead::banghead:

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Chris, just to say many thanks for organising the Horticultural section for RPT. As always I enjoy the opportunity to drive my Bolens around the showground and giving it a work out. Always good to catch up with fellow enthusiasts too.:thumbs:

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We had a great weekend at RPT. This is the first show we have attended with our equipment and Joseph and I really enjoyed the experience. It was good to show our equipment and even better was catching up with everyone. Many thanks to Chris (The Showman) for organising the section and making us welcome. We took our 1962 Bolens Ride-a-matic and a 1971 Bolens Husky 1054.


Congratulations to Norm for getting 1st in class with his fantastic Wheelhorse C-81, a well deserved win. We got 3rd place for the 1962 Bolens Ride-a-matic which was a pleasant surprise.


Choosing a show 200 miles away for our first show, renting what felt like the worlds smallest van and taking two tractors that still have outstanding issues was probably not the smartest move but it all worked well. It took us about an hour and half to get everything loaded on Friday night only to realise we must have knocked the fuel tap on the Ride-a-matic loading it and it was leaking fuel. Everything had to come out of the van to repair the tap before reloading again :mellow: 


Here is a few of our pictures from the show.


I made a draw bar to tow Joseph around the arena as he is too young to drive in a public space.







Alan's mini D-series is unbelievable, incredible attention to detail and it looks fantastic













Chris and Andrew fighting over some potatoes :)




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Great photo's guys, looks like you had a good show.. :thumbs:


Sorry I couldn't make it, the pain verses pleasure equation is now unfortunatly stacked the wrong way now...

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