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Wheel Horse Sickle Bar.

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    I agree, Chris, but I couldn't find a pulley small enough. Those I could find would foul the brake pedal.


   But all is not lost. I hope! :fingerscrossed:  I remembered about an hour ago, that there was a box of Husqvarna bits tucked away under the far bench that I'd overlooked. Found a smaller diameter pulley in there that may do the job. I'll have to modify the tensioner shaft, but I've an idea how.



1 hour ago, ranger said:

If you've another bearing Norm, put two side by side:thumbs:


I do have another bearing, Doug, but the end of the shaft was turned down from metric to accommodate the bearing that is imperial. Bit awkward to turn down now.


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 This morning I sorted out the belt tensioner. I cut the end off the tensioner where the bearing had fitted. Turned a sleeve to fit the I.D. of the insert that goes in the pulley bearing. Then put it all together.

  I refitted the tensioner to tractor, same way as before and gave it a try. Now the flat of the belt was running in the V of the pulley. Not really an Ideal thing, plus the belt flapped a bit. So a bit of thinking and trying different positions, here is what I ended up with.




   Seems to work fine and as soon as I can I'll give it a trial.

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 Stripped it down this morning and got it all painted.




   Put it all back together tonight and a problem rear it's head. The cutter was sticking. So off came the bar and I removed the blade. Soon saw the problem. Paint had got onto the slide. A clean off with emery clothe and back together I could pull the blade back and forth easily.

  Back on the machine and it ran fine. I gave it some oil and left it running for 15 minutes. Couldn't resist the temptation and tried some paper through it. Cut it without problem. :thumbs:

  Maybe get to try it on some grass tomorrow.

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Fantastic job Norm, it looks great.


I have a Haban sickle bar mower and they are a very handy tool. I used mine in the vertical position once to trim the side of a hedge and it frightened the life out of me.



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