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Project Horse Gut....Nigel and Ians joint project

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Just Ian's big backside? :P


Thanks Norm :D:lol:




Amazing, you two are two of the best fabricators I have seen. When finished Horse Gut will look dam near factory.


Thanks Alain, factory look is kinda what were aiming for.. How they should of built it kinda thing :D



A bit of paint fun from Monday/Tuesday for you all..


Cleaning layers of paint off is never fun!





There was at least four thick layers!





So with the thick old paint off and a quick coat of red oxide sprayed on to stop it rusting (the weather is rather damp at the mo) I could get a good look at the damage the thick paint hid! xdefault_ohmy.png.pagespeed.ic.rTug9oRKO





Lot's of hammer and dolly work later the hood is starting to look a lot straighter xdefault_smile.png.pagespeed.ic.5Yux4gu5





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The hole on top of the hood, is it for the dipstick or the rope starter?  :lol:


The hole was where a wing/rear view mirror was bolted on (the hood came from a racing mower), but the hole has now gone along with a few extras that were not needed.





And on to todays fun and games.. Yes both Nigel and I were at the workshop today, Nigel to escape seasonal tv, me to escape a house full of kids!


Starting with a sheet of ally which we rolled a rib into.





Nigel doing some light shaping of the plate.





A check for fit..





And the almost finished dash panel, all it needs a a choke cable fitted.





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I wish you two were closer, i'm looking for some one to fab up a original muffler for my Wheel Horse D160 k341. I found a chrome heat shield from an old cycle, just need a 8.5"x4" body with an inlet and outlet centered out the ends, a type 1.

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It's time for a mega picture update guys :D


Ok, not strictly part of the Horse Gut story any more as the Cammo 8 is up for sale (anyone? :D ) but as I had a machine move about in my workshop I thought I'd grab a pic :)





Now you see the hydraulic pump bracket..





Now you don't :D    As it wasn't needed and looked ugly, Nigel cut it off and gave the remaining bracket a nice curve :thumbs:





A couple more "arty blue" shots of Nigel welding..







Some rather heavy duty welding too as the chassis extension plates went on..





I don't think it will move in a hurry :D





A distance shot to show you how the plates give HG a more substantial and "less thin in the middle" look.





A strange shaped plate in the making..





Which got tacked on in situ..





Then this weird bloke welded it up :D





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I've had two of these frames in my "might come in handy one day" collection for about 12 years..  Yesterday was the day to use one..





Some cutting, welding and drilling later it had turn into this spacer.





Which fits here to raise the front of the fender pan up a bit..





Take a rusty and dented Gutbrod bonnet/hood..





And cut the first of two patches out of it..





Just in case your getting bored of welding shots, here's a grinding shot instead :D





Ta-daa..  An extended fender pan at the front.







Brackets were made and welded to the chassis to stop the fender pan extensions from flapping about the place..



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Digging through my spares this morning I found this universal choke cable.. On the back it says it's for various triumphs, Escorts, Hillmans and an Austin Princess I guess it's rather old but it will do for HG :lol:





The fender pan extension edges had a bit of a tweaking to follow the lines down and to add a bit of strength.





We also reached a build milestone today.. With all the fabrication done the time had come to pull HG apart for cleaning and painting.





A huge amount of grease and dirt had found it's way to the front of the gearbox over the years!





Only a few small parts left to come off and strip down is done.. A good place to finish 2015 :D





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Getting to the good bit soon


Were at the good bit already :D



Final stretch, you'll be wanting decals next....


Hi Mark, yep we will be wanting decals soon.. I have a few ideas :lol:



Really superb job guys!!!!


Thanks Alain



With HG pulled apart the fun job of cleaning and repainting loads of parts could start... 


The gearbox gets it's first coat of red oxide..





It always amazes me how a quick coat of paint can make something look a 1000 times better :D





Before we went any further with painting we thought we should get the front axle off!!   The axle pin had other ideas and refused to move using all the normal methods, i.e a large hammer and block of wood.. Soooo.. Time for some welding..





One very large steel bar welded to the axle pin!





The heat from welding wasn't enough to talk the pin into moving, so it got more heat..





Until eventually the pin decided it had had enough and finally twisted loose then out!





Yesterday also marked another milestone... Yep the first coat of shiny paint went on.. IH red which I had left from painting the 6x6 all those years ago..





Not too bad after the first coat.





Waiting for red oxide to dry on the chassis..





The front axle got it's first top coat too..



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Today started with the chassis getting lightly cooked to help the top coat stick..





That's the underside done..





It's about this point that Nigel is wondering if I'm going to post a certain photo that if seen could be the end of the "hard man" image :lol:



The wheels got a coat of IH white paint, yes it was also left from painting the 6x6 :D





Top of the chassis top coated..





Fresh red steering parts.





Red parts everywhere!







Not red parts!   The wheels did come up very nice, it's a shame the photos a bit blurred..  :hide:





And to finish this update... Yes more red parts, prop shaft and a second coated gearbox..





As for that certain photo.....


Yes that is Nigel hoovering!  :lol:





Just one coat red oxide then top coats Ian?


The red oxide may of been quite a thick coat Norm :D

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