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Project Horse Gut....Nigel and Ians joint project

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Well......   The engine still isn't running right and won't do unless we find another carb, so the search is on..


So yesterday we turned back to the bodywork..


Bonnet now mounted and with a bit of trimming we found a way to hold the dash panels in place :D







Which also means that now we don't have to break the donor Cammo 8 up   :hdance:

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Thanks for that Angus, it's close. we did try to get some measurements from the seller but alas he has so far failed to come up with any!




i believe any 8/25/something carb should work, all the linkages/levers should transfer from one carb to the other


Thanks Koen, as you know we have a new main needle, float and float bowl gasket on the way so hopefully that will do the trick.



A bit of a large update for you all..


With a bit of trimming the battery was made to fit in it's original postion. You can also see how the bit of WH bodywork under the dash surround is fitted..  Behind the bolts are a couple of captive nuts welded to a bracket which is welded to the chassis.





No idea what this fuel tank is from, but it's a nice size..





As you will of noticed we had to cut part of the dash surround out to make the tank fit.

Before you ask there will be some rubber going between the fuel tank and the battery terminals to stop and accidental shorting out from happening.





The gap under the front of the dash surround needed sorting..





So a patch was cut to fit the gap..





Nigel cleaning up one of the front wheels.





I think this plate came from a Wh 314 but I'm not 100% sure..





But it does make a nice heavy duty bracket for holding the fuel tank in place..  Tank and bracket upside down in this photo.





I thought I'd have a play with the camera affects setting for this welding photo..  If it's not blue it's black and white :)





We found that the welds that hold the steering column to the chassis had cracked, so as well as welding the cracks up we added a gusset to add some extra strength..  A view from the side..





From the front you can see the gusset has had a shaped plate plug welded to it..





So when the body under the dash bit slides on..





It's a perfect fit :D



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I can't help but grin everytime I look at Horse Gut.. She does look good :D:thumbs:







When I got into the workshop this morning I found Nigel had left me a kinda message on the bonnet!...  I can't decide if Nigel was just checking he had my name spelt right or it was just a hint that I should clean the paint off or not :lol:





Close up you can see how thick the paint is, you can also see how bad Nigel's writing is :D:yankchain:





Most of the front of the bonnet paint free.. It was nice to see the detail coming back that was hidden under many coats..





Trying the Horse Gut for size, not bad but the seat needs to be raised a couple of inches..





Until we dropped HG down almost ground level we had never noticed how skinny it looks around the middle!  Also lower makes it look longer for some reason!





So I had a play with some cardboard to see if some extra material of the chassis and fender pan would improve things....  It most certainly did :thumbs:   The fender pan needs a few tweaks to give the front a bit more angle.






As Nigel will have a very full workshop for the next week, HG found her way into my workshop.. HG is only 4 inches longer than the Cammo 8 which is up for sale by the way :D





I almost forgot!!


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i went and picked a new jet/ and a plastic float up that had been sent from germany today and was given a bill for  £86.00 what a rip-off  :angry:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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no it didnt sort it out, carb still flooded just as bad, went away last night threatning to put a match to it :banghead:  anyway went back in this morning And :bow: i will let  :bow:  ian :bow: finnish this story

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what'd you do? tap the bowl with a screwdriver?


Nope :lol:




no it didnt sort it out, carb still flooded just as bad, went away last night threatning to put a match to it :banghead:  anyway went back in this morning And :bow: i will let  :bow:  ian :bow: finnish this story


Part of the problem as we found yesterday was the new float was too tall, which meant when the float went up it bottomed out on the carb body before shutting off the fuel!


Once the old float and jet went back in the flooding stopped.


One thing that was really bugging me was why the spark was so weak at the plug until the ignition was turned off when it produced a nice fat bright spark just the once!  This got me thinking, so I did a little research..

And found an external condenser on a car engine is wired onto the positive side of the coil, where  as small engines say a Kohler or a Mag the condenser is wired onto the negitive side of the coil...


No prizes for guess which way we had it wired :banghead:


Soooo... armed with a condenser wired in the right way, and also the base jet settings for the Bing carb the engine was soon brought to life  :woohoo:


Of course all this happened before Nigel had turned up, so I carefully timed it that just as Nigel was pulling in I was driving Horse Gut out the workshop!!


The look on Nigels face was priceless.. At first he thought I was driving the Cammo 8 without a bonnet, until he noticed I was driving past the Cammo 8 which did still have it's bonnet on!


Picture a look of confused/think your seeing things/disbelief all rolled into one which after a minute gave way to a big grin :D




no koen, i will let ian update, but i have got a smile on my face now :D


You have indeed :D



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