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Project Horse Gut....Nigel and Ians joint project

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For 30 years I painted everything from anhydrous ammonia plants to kitchen cabinets and it never failed that a guy in a suit or a housewife would asked me "did you put on two coats?" I goy being to the point where I would say, no I did not, I am cheating you, and by the way I thinned the paint so much that it should fall off by the first dew or in just after I cash the check, which will before the ink is dry. When they would get in a huff, I would ask them how they would feel be accused of cheating, I don't take it well and was more than willing to leave right then and get drunker while I fished.  :D

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Thanks James, yeah this project is flying a bit now.. It might of even been done by now had we not had engine troubles..


A bit more progress..


That's what you call deep pitting!





The deep pitting belongs to this part, the top bit of the chassis?/part the steering is welded to.. It must have a name but I've no idea what it is..!   Just out of shot on the right we had to let in some new metal as it had rusted away..





I guess the correct way to fix all the rust pitting would be to cut it out and weld in fresh metal, the trouble is we would of have to replace about 85% of the panel!

So after killing off all the rust on went the dreaded bondo/filler!!    I hate the stuff!







That looks way better :D





Engine painted, still have the tins to do which will be sprayed at the same time as the bodywork.





The Dynostart getting a coat of red..





We are currently working on the fender pan and bonnet/hood.. It's a lot of work to get them looking good but worth it :)

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For a few  days now Nigel and I have been working on the fender pan and hood/bonnet.. It's been a lot of work to get them looking good, but it's been worth it..









After default_biggrin.png







Before (almost)







After default_biggrin.png







And to even the balance a bit (only a bit as I don't have any "during" photos of the fender pan)..







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Looking good boys, can't beat a bit of bondo


Thanks Chris, though I have to say of all the work we have done on HG, the bondo is the only part I've not really enjoyed.. It's horrible stuff!



Ive been going home looking like the home pride flour man


You had best watch out mate, if you go  home looking the part your wife might make you do some baking :lol:



Been standing in Ians way again mate





He's short and tubby isn't he? Ahhh! I see what you mean. :hide:





Well, the paint saga continues but this time it has worked out better :)


Nigel ordered a tin of IH red made by Farm Line and on 1st opening it looked a little dark but would lighten up when fully stirred..

Fully stirred it was still a little darker than the IH red we had been using, but we liked it more, it's less orange than what we had been using....


Soooo, all the parts including the chassis which we had painted will be getting another coat of the darker red.. A lot of extra work but worth it as colour is much better :D


A start has been made..











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Morning chaps, just a very quick update..


Yesterday Nigel and I got all the parts including the chassis repainted in the new slightly darker IH red..


If all goes to plan all the body panels and engine tins will get sprayed red today :D









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we had a busy day today went to spray the panels found i did"nt have any all purpose thinners the nearest place to us is

20 mile away, so i thinned the paint with petrol




why i was doing this ian pinstriped the wheels as he wanted a bit of bling, to do this we used a roller instead of a brush




now its time for the rebuild


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