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Project Horse Gut....Nigel and Ians joint project

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I'd say muck spreader ??


You can say muck spreader if you want James, you would be wrong though..



I wonder where that idea came from. South Cumbria maybe?


Which idea is that Norm?



Oh good a BBQ, now you can make your own coffee


Nope, not a BBQ Chris, but it's coffee holding capability's have been tested :D



Sorry for the lack of updates Guy's, although work has been happening I've just been too shattered to type about it....  Saying that, have an update :)


They say there is a first time for everything, for me stripping an oil drum down to bare metal was certainly a first.. Hopefully a last as well as it wasn't fun!







Of course once every last bit of paint has been removed, out comes the red oxide and a coat or two of paint goes back on..





You may of noticed Nigel in the above photo actually doing something :yankchain: , he was painting the center of the wheels red..





What follows red oxide?      International Harvester Red of course :D  Have an arty shot of the inside of the barrel. :)





Red on the outside if a little blurred..







A detail shot of one of the trailer wheels, it just needs a red pinstripe to match Horse Gut.





The almost finished rig, we just need to find a shovel and get some "poo poo collector" decals made to go on the back.. Expect a PM Mark :D











And to finish off this update....... :D



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Evening guy's, here's the last and final update on the Project Horse Gut story..


As most of you will know Nigel and I got an offer we just couldn't refuse.... So she went off to a new home..


Loaded in the trailer... The poo trailer was taken on a second trip before you all wonder how it was fitted in :)







I can't sing, so I won't finish on a song... So let's finish with a video instead...   Bye bye Horse Gut, it's been fun and a good laugh..



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