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Someone's nicked the greenhouse.

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   Unfortunately, where the path ends in front of the studio door, it tends to hold water after heavy rain. So the time has come when I have finally to do something  about it.

  Today a start was made. Arranged with my mate Dunc for him to come over with his digger, so a drain could be installed. This would run the length of the front garden, across the front of the house to the drive gate.

  Dunc couldn't get over till afternoon, so I installed the grid at the path end and started to dig by hand. The soil removed was transported away with the C-81 and Saxon trailer. By the time Dunc arrived, I had dug the length of the house and shifted two trailer loads.

  Remembered a couple of photo's for the Showman. More to follow.





Sorry about the photo quality. Rushed them to get Dunc back in the digger after he jumped out to pose.


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