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Tractor World Newbury

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Heres a few shots from Tractor World Newbury. A little low on exhibits but its only the first year. The weather today was great for

October, but yesterday was a bit rainy on and off. Overall a very enjoyable show. Darmic1 should receive a special thankyou as he

over half filled the section with different exhibits, and Paul Mackellow also took a good selection of O&R machines. I would also like to thank Titch for the decals he supplied that finished my machine off.












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What Gareth forgot to mention was his 1st Prize for his superbly restored very early, 1941 Rotary Hoes Ltd, RotehO. Otherwise known as a Series 1 Gem. This particular G206 machine is the oldest found to date and was 105th machine off the production line. Side by side with my later Series 1, G1384 machine which was 'runner-up' they showed the evolution of early models of this well known rotavator. Here they are, wearing their rosettes!


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Thank you Darren and Norman, however I would of felt happier if they had judged mine and Darrens display as a whole rather than separate, like the judges originally said to me that they were doing.

I don't feel that there was any difference between mine and Darrens Gem.

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