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  1. 15 Years Ago This Month

    Yeah, great story Chris heres ours... July 2010 when we picked up a Norlett from flookburgh followed by a C-101 in August from Otley then a raider 10 from Surrey in September by May the next year I had met @neil who had the most awesome collection even then and saw my first GT14 as well as his suburban and RJ. I think by then we were hooked but had new things in our sights! November 2011 saw my get the GT14 best not forget where it really started... May 2009 with Ewans first westwood
  2. Yeah, it snowed... a lot!

    To be honest, the tractors with ploughs wouldn't have cut it. It took 3 hours with the digger as the drifts were 5 foot... luckily one one of my neighbours has a 200hp Massey with v plough....
  3. Yeah, it snowed... a lot!

    I never made it to work! Always wanted to be snowed in. Bored of it now, if only I had a tractor running that would take a plough... we are missing Jakes tractor now it has been sold
  4. Yeah, it snowed... a lot!

    We got more than we expected...
  5. more snow pics

    we've had a good few weeks of snow on and off. Here's a few pics for your delight
  6. 9-10th June at Newby Hall near Ripon, last year we had almost a hundred horticultural exhibits in a sea of over 1000 tractors! http://www.newbyhall.com/events/tractor-fest-made-in-yorkshire/ I also arrange the Northern Wheel Horse round up, this will be our 5th year. We peaked at 36 Wheel Horses two years ago, but am hoping to beat it this year... Who's coming and what are you bringing?
  7. HALF a HORSE.

    love the attention to detail on the pedal!
  8. The Showmans new Toy

    that's a great find Chris
  9. Flat pack Wheelhorse

    I think I've had more in the back of my car from Ian's
  10. Give us a Lift

    That's why I built a hoist, makes life a lot easier. Hoist was £30 off that auction site.
  11. Happy birthday Ranger

    Happy birthday doug!
  12. Joy Rider Strikes

    more coal more like...
  13. Ransomes Turf Trak 425

    check your email - I sent you the PDF
  14. Ransomes Turf Trak 425

    I think I have a Steiner 425 manual on my machine at work...
  15. Happy Birthday Cub Cadet

    happy birthday son!
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