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  1. Daihats-Ute

    flipping bonkers you two!!!!
  2. Koehler engines and wheelhorse gearboxes

    What are the boxes? And do they have hubs?
  3. Never know what you might see

    I did wave, but no chance of you knowing it was me.
  4. Never know what you might see

    Minding my own business, ignore the speedo. It reads over seen this dodgy geezer moving horses, hope no one on here is missing any....
  5. So where am I today?

    was down your way last night Richard, shame you weren't around. btw liking the distinguished look - you'd fit in well at a meeting of old machinery enthusiasts
  6. weather not brilliant, so not many pics...
  7. Mower Deck refurbishment

    Looking good Richard, shame about the paint decals were posted this this morning I believe, hope they arrive swiftly... got the main man running the decals site now!
  8. Getting the 'Horse back on course

    looks fab - well done. yes where did the hood ornament come from? is it a Glenn Petit one?
  9. Westwood gazelle w11 restoration project

    That's a sweet restore! Well done
  10. Happy birthday Nigel

    Happy birthday smiler!
  11. Happy Birthday Meadowfield

    Thanks chaps, I did indeed have a good birthday. Drove to Glastonbury yesterday, then had a few beers and down to the Padstow vintage rally for the day. now all set for a weeks holiday
  12. Happy Birthday Showman.

    Happy Birthday Chris!!!
  13. Mitsubishi D1450FD

    Great tractor, how big are those cleats on the tyres!
  14. Transaxle

    from the ones I've split they are around 1/4" - but more likely 5/16" (just under 8mm)
  15. 1960 Wheel Horse Suburban

    looks fab!
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