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  1. Looking good Ian, look forward to the next project
  2. Tomas, when did you mail me (restorationdecals)? My son usually replies immediately, orders usually take a few weeks due to other commitments. We've just done a print run last week.... thanks
  3. wanted to go this year wit the horses - but clashed with missus 50th... so didn't even go there
  4. Sad times Ian, we had some good times in the shack and loved bring part of some of your crazy schemes! the shop might be closing, but the legend lives on... give me regards to Mandy. Really need to get down and see you soon.
  5. a few of you have seen my field - all over the place and full of reeds, thistles and nettles. A strimmer doesn't work and a wheel horse deck has no chance. So I have gone large. A 1.45m flail - which really make the tractor sweat don't have many pics as I was mowing! took half a day to get through 2.5 acres of thick grass and a tank of diesel picked up a trailer at the same time, that helps too!
  6. thanks guys! a weekend of eating and drinking - in between a spot of fencing...
  7. meadowfield

    Eye! Eye!

    Been using them on the tractors for years. If you look carefully Ewan has them on his cadet too!
  8. meadowfield

    Eye! Eye!

    did you look at the front of Dads and Ians?
  9. We had a flypast at this years tractorfest - still have goosebumps now!
  10. Finally finished the tow hitch, the hydraulics and added some paint. volvo C30 tow eye heavy duty drawbar on bendy
  11. I was thinking of it... would like to get the hydraulics running though
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