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  1. Happy birthday Paul

    Happy Birthday Paul. Make it a great one mate!!!!!!!!!!
  2. A rude awakening.

    Here in the USA if the neighbors tree and or parts fell onto or glanced off any part of your abode there would be a lawsuit filed and the neighbors insurance company would be sued by the lawfirm of Hupy and Abraham. William Shatner does tv commercials for them over here......... Do you have neck pain and headachs? That could get you a couple extra million.............. And get well soon buddy, glad you didn't fall and break a hip or your neck!!!!!!
  3. Happy Birthday Stormin!

  4. Happy birthday DougC

    Thank you for all for the birthday wishes gentlemen, they were greatly appreciated!!! And now I will give you all a present a non autographed picture of me. Good for throwing tomato's at or print it and use it as a dart board, like my wife....
  5. Happy Birthday Showman.

    Happy Birthday Chris!!! Hope you are having a great day mate!!
  6. Any ideas.

    Hand crank ice cream freezer. The hole at the bottom lets the water from the melted ice drain out. My 2cents...
  7. A Happy Family.

    Wonderful to see happy ducks doing their thing these days! Swim on duckies, swim on......
  8. Birthday Greetings.

    Make this day a great one gentlemen! Happy Birthday!
  9. Have a great birthday!
  10. Happy Birthday Ian

    Happy birthday Ian! Make it a great one!
  11. Old race license

    Leather jacket, cig.between your teeth you'de look like James Dean.........
  12. Wheel Horse SD Deck

    That deck will be like a brand new one when you are finished with it Norm.
  13. Happy Birthday Expeatfarmer.

    Make it a great one Jonathan!! Happy Birthday.
  14. A New Record.

    You must be the reason all the women are invading this forum Norm!
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