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  1. Mysto backpack sprayer

    Sack barrow is for when your back is bad
  2. Wheel Horse RJ-58 Restoration

    Wow this is turning out great. 1st time I have read all of this Glad that engine is a runner even if it did need alot of work. So mutch for my mate saying it wont take mutch!
  3. Nice to have visit from Triumph 66

    Bet you felt like Harry. Hoovering up anything in your way Great to catch up Andrew & take your money
  4. Early xmas present !

    Very nice. App these cutter bars work well
  5. Wheelhorse from bits

    And load it in your van
  6. Wheelhorse from bits

    Think we should call this Raider of the lost parts
  7. Happy birthday Paul

    Sorry I did not know or I would have said so when we bumped into each other today!!
  8. Never been, looks interesting with all those old mowers etc Is it once a year Paul??
  9. Ransomes Barge Tractor

    You cant with that plate Thought you would end up in your shed Jon
  10. westwood lawnbug!!

    Harry had a minter lawn bug a while back which run No doubt he sold it
  11. Anyone know what this is from

    Not Mayfield Now lets guess to where it might of come from
  12. I Think This Qualifies As A Ride On

    They are fun to drive. I have driven a few in the past
  13. Tractor World Autumn, Newbury

    Thats a very shiney display guys. Well done. I must try to come along next year with something not so bling
  14. Gutbrod with brinly plough

    Is that a honda with a sports exhaust fitted??
  15. Happy Birthday slf-uk

    App he spent the day painting a Land rover Chassis
  16. UK Onan Parts supplier?

    http://mobilervmaintenance.co.uk/ Got Onan parts from these guys for a WH trac a few years ago Most RVs carry an Onan generator
  17. Getting ready for Newbury

    Was at Newbury today filling my wallet selling at the sort out Luckily the rain held off till we left
  18. Wheelhorse 604

    Does that mean you brought it then
  19. Kubota 7100 1978 project

    JB Weld works wonders Nigel
  20. Kubota 7100 1978 project

    Do it up & sell to Harry
  21. Newbury tractor world

    I will be there next Sunday for the 4x4 & vintage sort out. Selling of course
  22. Newhaven Fort

    Very dodgy bunch of fellas any of you pre war Looks an interesting place
  23. wheel horse D series

  24. 1978 Westwood

    Were westwoods built in the 70s?? I would have guessed 1988
  25. Ransomes MG40 and HR4 discs

    They will clean up well Rob once they been used for a while
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