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  1. Would like to go one day but its 300 odd miles from me I think?
  2. I had one of these. Have you got the tank?
  3. I was going to say low on compression
  4. Chris

    New Toy MF7E

    Thats nice Sure Harry will make you an offer
  5. I been there. lots of interesting stuff
  6. Done a few sets of Westwood bearings, Some times the only way is a large hammer & drive the shaft out from the top. Protect the top of the shaft & the threads! I either put an old bolt in or a punch. Where gloves & support the deck. I know it sounds evil but thit can be the only way some times.
  7. Any motor factors will have it on the roll cut to length
  8. That is an Allen scythe engine with the gear on it
  9. Sorry on call for work all week end
  10. Thanks I am the Chris with the White tractors :-)
  11. Happy Birthday Yes its mine too. I am 20 years older than Harry☹️
  12. Plonker Rodders If I brought it why would I want to sell the bit I would want to keep!
  13. Get some tubes in those tyres. Rears will hold air but fronts may need replacing Good clean & spray with ACF 50 she will be great
  14. Chris

    Piston rings

    Mike Hitchins 07802 199906 Were you the Guy driving around Wiston Steam Fair with a bad smoky WH Gassing those kids on the trailer & everybody you passed??
  15. Chris

    WH 512D arrived

    Thats very clean for its age
  16. It will end up where all the other stuff goes. In containers aboard. But you never know I spotted the MG5 Jonathan has on ebay & rung its owner at the time & it was returned to him then sold to Jon
  17. Happy Birthday for yesterday Chris!
  18. Take to Bearing shop & ask them
  19. Rare beast in the UK
  20. Yes There was a pile of allen scythes all fit for scrap. 2 mayfields which did not fetch mutch but were tidy. Auto culto in poor shape. A early greens push mower which I should have saved. BMB Cult mate with plough but had newish tyres I did not buy any of it One think I did buy was a pair of petrol compressors with kohler engines. One is electric start & looks like its not done a lot of work. That engine is going into a white tractor
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