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  1. Adventure in Chainsaw Buying

    Cool chainsaws and amusing story too.
  2. Kubota 7100 1978 project

    I have driven a few Kubota over the years and they are robust machines. Look forward to seeing it being rejuvenated
  3. 1975 DAF 66 Station Wagon

    I am also on the FB ones too including the Dutch group. I prefer the forum for information though.
  4. 1975 DAF 66 Station Wagon

    Thanks. Yes I seen that brown colour! A classic 70s colour and thus very retro! Post up a photo of your DAF 44 as well to keep mine company. Are you on the DAF Owners Forum? If not I highly recommend it.
  5. 1975 DAF 66 Station Wagon

    Apparently they can tow fairly happily... Not convinced myself.....
  6. Some nice stuff on show there Alan. Hopefully a few more will turn up to support the horticultural section tomorrow
  7. Calf dozer

    Very cool machine Harry
  8. 1975 DAF 66 Station Wagon

    Cannot remember the last time I saw a DAF myself. Apparently there are a few in the South West but mainly saloons. The DAF 66 was bought out by Volvo in the late 70s and had a face lift to meet its safety standards.
  9. Last year I bought an old DAF 66 estate locally. It's a quirky little old car that is powered by a 1.1 Renault engine with variomatic transmission. It will need some TLC on the sills. The colour is Tundra Green. These are photos of when I got it back in December and have yet to update the photos. Very unusual to find a DAF, let alone an estate. I have sorted out the engine with a service including finding a new alternator. The DAF Owners Club is a gem of a club and have helped me out with a few items.DAF Hobby, in the Netherlands, sourced me the outer sills. Here are some photos for Koen's benefit.
  10. Happy birthday Harryt

    Happy Birthday Harry
  11. Rejuvenating an old rusty Spade

    I saw it in a rusty tool box on the floor and had a quick rummage & discovered completely covered in old grease and dirt so I wiped it clean with white spirit and WD40 the internals. Applied some grease this afternoon and after a few strokes, the grease came out happily. Well chuffed with it.
  12. A few days ago I went to the local tip to depose of some rubbish when I came across this old Spade and an old grease gun. You never know what you will find in the recycling 'shop'. One man's junk is another man's treasure as the saying goes. Anyway, I paid a quid for both these items. The Spade was made by Skelton a Yorkshire firm and I am guessing it is 1950s or 1960s from the style. I treated it to some woodworm treatment to kill any lingering pests in the wood. I then wire brushed the rust and the crap off the blade, followed by a medium sandpaper finishing with a fine grade sandpaper I wiped it cleaned with white spirit to remove the dirt and dust a few times. I then concentrated on the wooden shaft which I think is ash agiain using a medium to fine sandpaper. I cleaned it off using white spirit. I used boiled linseed oil on the wood several times which bought the grains out and on the metal I used an old oily rag to preserve the metal. I am pleased with the results of my labour and this will be a working tool; not bad for 80p! The grease gun is a telcalmite hand grease gun bought for 20p which I quickly cleaned up and filled with Casttol LM grease. I tested it out on my Bolens 1050 and it works just fine.
  13. Sisis Auto Greenman

    I had a few hours to spare this afternoon so I drained the gear oil out of the Sisis. It wasn't too bad in colour or texture unlike the engine oil which I drained a few days previously. I refilled with fresh SAE30 oil to the required level. I used some of the old gear oil to give the metal work a quick wipe. I also gave the chain a quick spray of chain oil at the same time. Overall I am very pleased with it and it now runs like a sewing machine.
  14. Sisis Auto Greenman

    Thanks Richard for the attachments.
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