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  1. Wheelhorse from bits

    Look fabulous Chris.
  2. Can You Have Too Many Chainsaws?

    Cool,collection of chainsaws
  3. Nice to have visit from Triumph 66

    Here are the implements I collected yesterday plus the new bench grinder. I am well chuffed with these items.
  4. Wheelhorse from bits

    I popped into Chris this afternoon to see this project. Though a stout Bolens Man through and through, i did appreciate the work he done on this Raider. Who ever buys this will be in a winner in my view. I did like his Cub Cadet though...... .
  5. Nice to have visit from Triumph 66

    I might need that caravan when my missus see those implements....
  6. Nice to have visit from Triumph 66

    Great to catch up with Chris, Leisa and Jacob this morning. I must time my visit around lunch time again Thanks Liesa for your generosity ; much appreciated Yes those wheel weights.....
  7. Early xmas present !

    I saw that on EBay and loved it but got no room. Nice haul'
  8. Nice to have visit from Triumph 66

    E It was good to meet both Chris and Steve at the Showman's House this afternoon. I left Devon this morning having filled up the van with a mower deck and two implements for Jamie in Portsmouth to swap for a set of Bolens Disc Harrows for my Ride a Matic. Got rid of three implements for one implements. I then drove over to Chris Bolens outside Worthing where I bought a Bolens Ride A Matic front cylinder mower. That's 2 items now in my van. Still better than having three implements to store. I had a good natter with Chris and Leisa was an absolute gem providing lunch and two cups of coffee. After that I drove over to Peace Haven to see Chris and his WH project where I met the amusing Steve who regaled me with tales of his classic motorbikes. I do like that WH by the way and it fired up happily on my arrival with exhaust fumes in the shed where Chris was working his magic. I had a couple of cups of tea with Chris who then hoodwinked me into buying a chain harrow with red paint. I was frankly shocked at his boldness but he sweetened the deal by throwing in a working bench grinder in the deal which I shall use to grind off the red paint.... To top it all I started the day with three implements and ended the day with three implements.
  9. Cub Cadet with Loader For Sale

  10. Wheelhorse from bits

    I plan to call in to Chris on Saturday and I hope to hear it up and running. Looking very good Chris.
  11. Wheel Horse RJ-58 Restoration

    Ideal workmanship there Ewan. You are doing a fabulous job.
  12. Wheelhorse from bits

    Looking very good Chris. I do like the oily rag treatment; it's the way to go I think.
  13. Happy birthday Paul

    Happy belated birthday wishes Paul.
  14. Bolens Tube Frame MacKissic Sprayer

    That's a good buy I think. Was it local to you?
  15. South Downs Heritage Centre display 22/10/17

    Look like a really interesting place to visit when I am next in Sussex. Good to see Chris flying the flag for the Bolens.
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