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  1. Flat pack Wheelhorse

    6 Bolens in a Mercedes Sprinter I believe.... A SWB too by all accounts....
  2. Flat pack Wheelhorse

    I know what it is like to be relieved of my hard earn cash from Chris on my last visit......
  3. Input on News Needed

    Alain, I agree with you about Trump and what I think is mass hysteria by galvanised by certain people. At the end of the day, Trump was democratically elected by the American people and that need to be respected whatever our views are on him and his policies. In my opinion, I do not think Trump will entertain the thought of doing a second term as President and I think the Republican Party will be looking to nominate another leader instead of Trump. The Democrats should be concentrating on finding a suitable leader to challenge Trump politically and to understand why so called safe seats were lost to Trump in the Presential Elections. Clearly some of the issues raised by Trump in his campaign have strucked a chord with some Americans and that should be respected whether it is right or not.
  4. Input on News Needed

    Alain, it was mentioned briefly on the news covered by both the BBC and ITN. As far as I am aware, there is no real tensions between our two countries. This happens on a fairly regular basis due to the proximity of Russia and the European mainland. As for the Royal Navy accompanying or in reality shadowing Russian naval ships, it is because The English Channel is a very narrow strip of sea and is heavily used by all nations as it is a short cut to the Mediterranean and vice versa. My gripe is that the French Navy appears to sit back and let the UK do all the shadowing (I have not seen any reports of French activity). The British media is concentrating on three main issues at the moment: Brexit, the NHS and the Trump's administration with the odd forays into North Korea and the Middle East.
  5. Darkest hour

    Yes I think it is this coming Friday or maybe last Friday. Why's that?
  6. The 1254 fires up for the first time in 15 years....

    For Iain's attention
  7. Bolens Husky tractor

    I need to,get this one up and running as it is my first Bolens
  8. more scrap

    Nice haul! I like your vintage lorry; what make is it?
  9. Bolens 1050 Seat Cover

    A while back I messaged Greg aka stiemmy if I could buy his old seat cover as he bought a new one off 29 Chev.from the Bolens Forum. Greg said I could have it free if I paid for the postage. On it arrival I gave the seat a deep clean to remove the years of accumulated grime. I am very happy with the results of the patina on the seat as this will be a working tractor. Anyhow I got around to putting the seat cover onto my 1050 today. I think it looks miles better than the old black one. My thanks to Greg for helping out a fellow Bolens owner. Here are some photos of before and after taken from my phone...
  10. Bolens 600 having a light work out

    Hopefully a mod will post them up properly! Zig Zag Harrow is an appropriate name for it couldn't remember the correct name for it Norm. I am really pleased that Chris hoodwinked me to buy it off him a few months ago. A really nice bit of practical kit
  11. Bolens 600 having a light work out

    I had a few hours today so I popped up to the yard I share with a tree surgeon. I thought I would try and level out all the wood chippings & ruts with my 600 & chain drag mat. I was pleasantly surprised by the results as we had a heavy downpour last night and the ruts were caused by my mate's Land Rover and wood chipper. I got the drag chain mat off The Showman back in November. It did a tidy job.Photos taken on my mobile and I hope to attach a video of it working if I can work how to download it from my phone!
  12. One of the first Westwood Gazelles

    There's an old rusty Westwood kept outside under a bedraggled tarpaulin that starts on the button according to the gardener who works next door to my customer. I will try to take a photo of it in situ next time I am there. What amazes me is that there is plenty of undercover storage for it to be stored....
  13. Happy New Year.

    Happy Nrw Year to all.
  14. Mayfield snowplough

    Great to see that it's doing a good job by the look of it. How easy was it to manoeuvre it in the snow?
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