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  1. Triumph66

    Trojan mk1

    That's very tidy Nigel. Another one saved.
  2. Triumph66

    Biddenden tractorfest 2018

    Another great video Joseph and Iain.
  3. Triumph66

    JP Push Lawn Mowers

    I am interested in any vintage JP Lawn Mowers especially the Major and early Minor MK1 models. Preferably complete with grass box. Please message me or post below. Thanks Andrew
  4. Triumph66


    Does it runs ok ? Is the seat there too? I assume the Rotovator been restored too?
  5. Triumph66

    Rural past times

    Brilliant video Iain and Joseph. Just looking at the Bolens/ Wheelhorses working the ground is making me wishing that RPT come around quickly. Thanks for posting. Roll on RPT 2019....
  6. Yes I read about that; absolutely fascinating.
  7. Triumph66

    Another Bolens for the collection

    How Joseph can direct, produce and film this as well as owning and driving the HT20 is a complete mystery to me. As you say where is Iain? Come to think of it; WHO is Iain?!
  8. Triumph66

    A Splash of Autumn Colour

    It been a very good season for autumnal colours this year thanks in part to the Heatwave and the mild autumn to date. Fantastic trees the maples, though I always like the Liquidambars myself.
  9. Triumph66

    Rare wheel horse tractor

    I am not sure on the WH. I would look to see if there is a metal tag on the chassis or engine bay. Chances are they would have disappeared by now.
  10. Triumph66

    Rare wheel horse tractor

    You found us! Welcome to MOM. I hope someone can help you out on here. Are there any tag numbers? Best Wishes Andrew
  11. Triumph66

    David Brown 990 Selectamatic

    That's very interesting. They are good tractors the David Browns; I can recall driving a DB tractor (cannot remember the model sadly) back in the early 80s on a farm in Catsfield, Sussex. I guess that is why I am attracted to the similar coloured Bolens then....
  12. Triumph66

    David Brown 990 Selectamatic

    That looks fantastic Alain. Looks like a very Large Bolens too.
  13. Triumph66

    Oakham treasures

    I will have to put that on my bucket list to visit when I am next in the Bristol/Bath area. Looks very interesting.
  14. Triumph66

    Happy Birthday pmackellow.

    Happy Birthday Paul. Have a good one!