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  1. Wheel horse wheel hubs

    Hi all, I am looking for some wheel horse hubs for my RJ, preferably the later type if anyone has a set I can buy? Thanks no longer required
  2. Wheel Horse RJ-58 Restoration

    They're the narrow 6x12 ones. Thanks for the offer, at the moment out of desperation I think we will have a go at welding them and see what happens. Thanks Chris
  3. Looks an absolute minter! Superb job
  4. Wheel Horse RJ-58 Restoration

    Another little update on whats been going on with the resto Chassis nice and rust free Pits were filled and sanded down and then given a quick coat of red oxide primer to keep the rust away for a few weeks until I got back to it. Next were the wheels, the front ones are missing and i'm struggling to source some. The rear rims are pretty much ready for the bin, the metal is extremely thin all the way around the edge, 30% has rusted all the way through. On the plus side I have managed to source a cub cadet steering wheel with just one small crack in it, its now been repaired. It just needs painting now and we need to figure a way of mounting it to the steering shaft, the original used a roll pin but we won't be able to drill a hole for one now.
  5. Happy birthday Nigel

    Happy Birthday Nigel!
  6. A horse and a Billy goat.

    Pretty cool setup Norm, them billy goats look handy!
  7. Wheel Horse RJ-58 Restoration

    Thats the plan Norm, another 12 weeks to work on it yet It wasn't too bad, its all fixed and primed now and looks good as new, plus its original Haha, you say that but we've got plenty of new steel here , I could've made one but i'd like to keep as much original as possible. Next job on the resto was to tackle the gearbox which didn't work There was holes drilled in the axle ends. Mangled input shaft To make the axles on the diff useable we flipped them around, first we welded the holes, turned them down and cut new keyways. one of the bushes was worn so we machined a new one and fit it. To turn the input shaft down we had to use a bit of ingenuity, we clamped it in a taper lock and turned it down so I can use a taper lock pulley on it. The jig worked a treat. Next everything was cleaned of rust. New gaskets were made. We welded up surplus holes. The gearbox is now back together, primed and works as good as new
  8. Wheel Horse RJ-58 Restoration

    Thanks, it's taking some work but I love a challenge! It certainly will be saved from the scrap heap. It worked very well!
  9. Wheel Horse RJ-58 Restoration

    First i started to strip the tractor down, there were many modifications which needed to be rectified. There were some splined hubs which had been made to fit, they were first to go and they revealed the state of the axles, very rusty and holes drilled in them. Next I cut off the front axle which has been welded on. Next we welded the chassis back how its meant to be and welded up the extra holes. the hood stand required some straightening, some ingenuity was needed.
  10. I've finally got around to creating a thread for the restoration of my RJ I have been working on. Many thanks to Chris for sourcing the engine, we're working on getting it going, also thanks to Ian for helping me out with the measurements of the front axle and lastly thanks to Chris (showman) for letting me take measurements from his RJ at Newby hall! Heres some photos of the RJ before I started
  11. Happy Birthday Showman.

    Happy Birthday Chris, have a good day
  12. Battle of the Standard Vintage Gathering

    Sure will, see you there!
  13. Battle of the Standard Vintage Gathering

    Good photos! wish I could've gone
  14. Martin Markham Colt help

    Thanks for having a look, I don't know what he's going to do. Unfortunately I won't be able to attend as I am still at university and have an exam on the Thursday but I will be at Newby hall on the Friday as will my friend so if you could give them to me then that would be awesome! Really appreciate it Paul
  15. Martin Markham Colt help

    Thanks Paul! Have a safe journey