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  1. A FEW More Newby Hall.

    The new camera takes good photos Norm.
  2. Spotted a well known celeb while I was walking round the show.
  3. Spotted this at Newby Hall, it was busy both days carrying grownups and children round the showground. Its a Raider 12 or C120.
  4. Newby Hall Day 1

    Didn't do many photos but here's a few I took All loaded tonight ready for the off.
  5. A Day At Beamish Museum

    Had a good day at the Beamish Museum but the battery went flat on my camera so not many photos but here's a few. Pam found somewhere to sit and have a rest,
  6. Sid's back.

    I hope that's not made from Wheelhorse parts
  7. Battle of the Standard Vintage Gathering

    Good photos as usual Paul. . It was my first outing with the Toro GMT and gave my a chance to drive it a bit more, i like the can crusher on the front of Franks Norlett.
  8. Happy Birthday TITCH

    Many happy returns of the day Titch, hope you have a good day matey.
  9. Wheel Horse SD Deck

  10. A mowing we will go.

    Looks like a good job it's doing.
  11. Clinton engines

    Yes still ok, is it just the one you wanted .?,
  12. Steering help please

    It doesn't have a head on it, it's an allen screw, see photos
  13. Steering help please

    Like i said, its a rollpin number 31 and a allen screw number 27 on the pictures.
  14. Steering help please

    You'll need to get the steering wheel off the shaft which is held on with a rollpin, knock that out and give it a good soaking with a penetrate. The collar has an allen screw holding it in position and sometimes a job to undo, might need warming up to undo it
  15. Can I have one then mate it’s for an old boy , how much? And can you post it to me pretty please

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