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  1. wheel horse c-160 worth more restored or not?

    Its not for me, ive sold 5 wheelhorse's over the last couple of months and still have too many and no room.
  2. wheel horse c-160 worth more restored or not?

    Ive done both Joe, they make good money all original but doing a full restoration is expensive and the differents in price isn't always enough to cover the work
  3. McDonalds in the UK Getting Cheesy

    I wouldn't eat in McDonalds if they were giving their burgers away free
  4. HALF a HORSE.

    Those brackets look amazing Alan, very nice job. Can't wait to see the deck hanging from them.
  5. Cadmium Spray Paint

    Try these people Jonathan https://www.frost.co.uk/
  6. Wheel Horse C-101

    Another interesting project to watch in the hands of the master
  7. Put the Bolens to work today

    Looks good Andrew, its all down to power to weight , little power and loads of weight.
  8. Undercover Wheel Horse "1467"

    Looking nice Mike, love the early tractors.
  9. Wheel Weights.

    Look good Norm, just need Horse's heads on them,
  10. Kubota 7100 1978 project

    Looks good nigel, be interesting to see how reliable it is in the working field
  11. Wheel Weights.

    That looks better Norm, I think the bucket lids looked a bit cheesy
  12. We've got snow

    Don't think I'll bother to get one of my 4 snowploughs fitted just yet.
  13. We've got snow

    We're all snowed in down in the Deep South
  14. The Showmans new Toy

    Thanks for the tip Iain I'll keep that in mind
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