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  1. Kubota 7100 1978 project

    Use a spare wheel well from the boot of a scrap car ?
  2. Wheel Horse RJ-58 Restoration

    Looking better now you've got some red bits,
  3. Been a bit wet today.

    Looks bad Norm, if you had a mini digger you could make a drainage ditch
  4. Give us a Lift

    Made some progress today with the hoist, found a box of caster wheels and luckily a set of 4 heavy duty ones, 2 with brakes. The box section is thick wall and nice to weld, 4 plates were cut to mount the wheels and then welded to the box section then the uprights were added. I going to weld a A frame at the bottom to give it more strength and make the top bar detachable so i can fold it up when not in use. heres some photos of today's efforts

    No danger at Johns, i was in the mini digger.
  6. Give us a Lift

    Had a rummage through my boxes and found my tackles that ive collected over the years ( don't know why ) but here's some photos.
  7. Give us a Lift

    I could have parked it on Pam's lawn and put the dipper arm through the window . Thats a good idea. I want something more manoeuvrable than that Mark
  8. Give us a Lift

    As I advance into my mature years I'm finding it harder to pick-up engines and transmissions so i'm looking at making these things easier without spending any money. I'm looking at making an engine hoist or gantry and was wondering the +s and -s are between them
  9. Wheelhorse from bits

    Had the Wheelhorse out today in the southern sunshine and drove it round the garden a few times. Runs and drives as it should so I'm very pleased with it.
  10. One of the first Westwood Gazelles

    I seem to have some Westwood paperwork I thought you might like to see.
  11. Happy birthday Ranger

    Many happy returns of the day Doug, hope you have a great day.
  12. Wheel Horse RJ-58 Restoration

    Your working wonders with that hood Ewan, ive got two in a similar condition so i'm watching with interest.
  13. Wheelhorse from bits

    Had a couple of spare hours today so I've done it bit more. everything just about done and all up and running, I've moved it backwards and forwards in the shed , next job to get it out and try it round the garden.
  14. Happy Birthday Koen.

    Many happy returns of the day Koen.
  15. Newark Tractor and Heritage Show

    Lots of nice stuff there, thanks for the photos Paul
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