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A horse and a Billy goat.

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  Last year on my annual trip down south, one of the things I returned with was this Billy Goat. There is a thread on it in Pedestrian machines.




  As you can see I'd been having a bit of a play with it. Today I dug it out of it's hiding place had more of a play with it.


  First I amputated it's back legs wheels. I then found these two pieces of scrap, plus the jaw plates removed from my Saxon trailer.




They became this towing attachment for the front of the Billy Goat.






  Next job was a rear towing attachment. A length of 1"x1". Another of 1"x2". A couple of U bolts. Tow ball plus a spare spacer and I had this.




  At end of play this is how things look.




  There's still more to do and one or two alterations but so far so good. All made from scrap lying around, so zero cost.


  No Billy Goats were harmed and if needs be can be put back as was.


 To be continued.........





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  Number 3 grandson and I had a bit of a trial run yesterday. Proved one thing. It wont pick up hay as is. Builds up and blocks the front intake. One good thing we found out, was that it doesn't have to be run at full revs to suck a rag up and sling it out the shute.

  With the rear wheels removed, all the weight of the engine is at the rear. I wasn't happy with that so today I refitted the rear wheels and removed the front ones. That puts all the weight on the drawbar. Much better. When the trailer is attached and filling, the balance should be improved. Also the wheels can be raised or lowered. This may give some adjustment on uneven ground.

  If I get chance I may try this set up out tomorrow. Oh! And I'll take a photo or two, Chris. :P

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   Just a photo of the wheel change.




  Been working/thinking of a hitch arrangement. It won't be going on the C-125 as shown, but on the C-121 (Black Horse) with electric lift. That will allow ground clearance to be adjusted on the move. The wheels will most likely stay in the raised position, as shown.

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  Rigged up a temporary hitch today and had a trial run.596902faa3b13_2002-01-0319_23_08.jpg.22fd4da6cffd7f38fd21666bc31b5752.jpg


  Turned the tool bar upside down to lower the ball height And packed up the coupling. When at lowest point front of Billy Goat one inch from the ground.




  Had a trial run but was not very successful. The main problem was the grass I was trying to pick up had been lying for two days and we'd had some rain.

  So I'm having a re-think. The ground I mow is a little on the lumpy side and not flat. The front of the BG can catch if I don't raise it fast enough. Also I think something to loosen the lying grass would be handy.

  I'm thinking of towing it reverse, with a rubber strip along the bottom of the scoop to loosen the grass, which should then be sucked up. I'm going to try turning the body round on the chassis so the outlet still points rearwards. Also turn the engine round on the body so it stays aligned with the handle.

  This is going to be a long term project methinks.

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  I've been thinking of utilising that in some way. But modded and mounted someway just in front of the intake. The only problem with the rake, grass could build up in front of it.

  I've several ideas floating around in my head. There's plenty of room. I may even end up building another chassis.

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 Today I decided to remove blower housing body and engine from the chassis. Body and engine taken of with to much of a problem though rather fiddly. Pleased to say the all the nuts came undone easily. Next split engine from blower housing. Again all nuts and bolts undid freely.

 This was when I realised that the blower fan wouldn't come out of the housing while attached to the engine. Again luck smiled down and the bolt securing fan to engine came loose with no trouble. 

To get fan off the shaft was another thing. Had to tip the assembly nearly on it's side. Just enough to get a puller on the fan and not to much that engine oil leaked out. Holding the puller onto the head of a long bolt that fitted down the bolt hole in the shaft, steadying the whole assembly and using a ratchet and socket, was a bit of a juggling job. Thankfully the fan came away trouble free.

  Below is how things look now.



  The reason I've taken everything apart, is my idea of turning the housing round on the chassis and engine round on the blower housing., as mentioned earlier.

 Two snags now reared their heads.

 First a rubber vibration absorbing gasket is fitted 'tween engine and housing. This was perished and came away in bits.

 Secondly the engine mounting holes are not drilled equally on the p.c.d.


 To be continued.........




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