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  3. It's Snowed.

    Very rare to get snow here, Dave. All round on the fells and over on the Scottish side.
  4. It's Snowed.

    just looks like a heavy frost Norm we have about 2 inches here Rolloman has had it bad
  5. It's Snowed.

    Did you get your snow plow on in time or was you a bit slow ?.
  6. CUB CADET workshop and parts manuals.

    Prices ?
  7. It's Snowed.

    Been raining all day here
  8. Westwood T 1200

    After trying it again I have given in and re-fitted the standard pulleys and throttle etc. Even after turning the pulley down to make the gearing the same as the original I need to get a 300mm diameter pulley to go on the transaxle. There are fairly easy to get new, about £30. I'm not convinced it will work all that well though as the engagement speed for the clutch is quite high. You probably need 3/4 throttle to get it going whereas the normal clutch will let you potter along at idle. The throttle pedal worked OK but needed a far heavier return spring on it. An alternative I've seen on small quad bikes it a combined brake lever with a thumb throttle, depends if you have a steering wheel of handle bars though.
  9. Coverage for models 1340'1535,1541,1860,1862,1782,1882,2082,2182,190-328,190-336,190-349,190-357,190-358,190-359,190-374,383,433/383, 388/389,759-3493, 2130,2000series,2135,2165,1782,1572,1440,1641,324 54" deck. E&OE. Manuals in good condition (with a few oily finger marks!)
  10. It's Snowed.

    We've had a bit down here, just rain and foggy now
  11. It's Snowed.

    Very Beautiful though.
  12. It's Snowed.

    First time in four years we've had snow. All gone now. Just a wet, slippy, soggy mess.
  13. Glad to have another Ian project to watch
  14. Yesterday
  15. You do know you have a 7mth deadline to get it finished, Ian?
  16. I guessed there was a new crazy, mad, crackers, stark raving mad creation on the cards, when you said you were paying Chris a visit. Will it be ready for August, for me to try on my annual jaunt darn sarf?
  17. Just a heads up on this years Smallholders Show at Ardingly It's July 7th and 8th (which clashes with Wiston unfortunately) I'll get some entry forms ready for the Meet and Greet at Hassocks Hope to see some of you there Paul
  18. I always new you were bonckers 🧐
  19. We all have a "must build" project in mind, and this is mine.. Over the years I have restored WH's Built things that go on them such as a snowplow and harrow... Added a couple of extra wheels - The 6x6.. And even made a fast fun machine - Project Why Not.. Wheel-Vo is the silly/stupid one As you all know I paid The Showman a visit the other day and came back with a car load of WH.. A 312-8 although with no engine and trans it's more like a 300-0 Here it is back in the workshop thrown in a rather neat pile The plan? The title should of given you a clue, I'm on the look-out for a cheap Volvo that will give up a 2.3 turbo engine, gearbox, rear axle and maybe a few other parts, then sell on the rest to get a few £££'s back.. Of course a standard WH chassis won't be suitable so I'm going to have to build one.. A lot of work ahead but I can/am collect parts while I'm finishing Project MadTrax.. There won't be any real updates for a while but I can keep you updated as to how the parts collecting is going.. And of course... Video's
  20. Flat pack Wheelhorse

    It was good to catch up with you again Chris, thanks for selling me er.. 3/4's of a Wheel Horse.. It's nice to have something red back in the workshop, being WH-less for 1 1/2 days was hard to cope with
  21. Not much to report, I have made a good start on the left side with the suspension mount strengthening.. When I put the TB in I had to cut a bit of tube out, so back in it went.. A close up. The captive nut is for the TB side mount. Only a couple of small plates to go in at the bottom and a lot of welds to grind down..
  22. Last week
  23. Westwood Gemini rotavator

    Wheelbarrow body now done and some rubber matting cut to fit the floor for added protection Handlebars also painted. Just need the engine back from Dr Denness' engine clinic and it can all go back together
  24. New Exercise Video

    Looks Like someone needs a trip to the Vet
  25. Flat pack Wheelhorse

    Me thinks Chris is making room for something else that he has his eye on, I wonder what that could be?
  26. Input on News Needed

    Thanks Nigel, I may visit the page, if I comment I used the nom de plume of Willam Gates (no i) on Facebook
  27. Flat pack Wheelhorse

    6 Bolens in a Mercedes Sprinter I believe.... A SWB too by all accounts....
  28. Input on News Needed

    There is no one in the Republican party that can garner the amount of support as Trump does, not because Trump is good, but because all politicians are viewed as corrupt and inept. The democrats are in even worse shape. They have promised so much to so many and delivered nothing that their base is completely fragmented. They could attempt to nominate Oprah Winfrey, but as splintered as they are even that would not be even as good as Hillary did.
  29. Flat pack Wheelhorse

    The other Iain, the Bolens one, would have been disappointed with a little load like that.
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