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  1. Yesterday
  2. 12th Allonby Charity Ploughing Match. Sunday 5th of August. To be held at Allerby Hall, Allerby, Aspatria, Wigton. CA7 2NL. ALL proceeds go the charity. This small, friendly event is becoming more popular as each year goes by. Besides the ploughing match there will be craft and other stalls. Static machinery displays. Heavy horses and maybe even some ploughing hopefully. Auction plus other attractions. Though not on the entry form, there is a horticultural class. So don't let me be the only entrant. Camping, caravans allowed for the weekend. £8 entry fee. Cheap at half the price. Entry forms from :- Ian Tordiff. 23, Buchanan Road, Currock, Carlisle. CA2 4QD. Tel: 07732619819.
  3. MTD Lawnflite parts suppliers or breakers

    We could have one of those in our lawnmower scrapyard, ring 02897510804 and ask about the part your looking, and they’ll see what they can do
  4. New use for old Kitchen Unit

    you make the hard work look easy
  5. Last week
  6. New use for old Kitchen Unit

    Perfection !
  7. New use for old Kitchen Unit

    Excellent work as usual Richard. Its made me think what I can use my similar sliding lid winebox for!
  8. Wheel Horse SD Deck

    That's a Bu*mer about the Deck Shell Norm. I may have one that size to play with in the near future to see if it's salvageable. Belongs to Roly (son of the original Yellow Mower owner). He's having my refurb'd 36" RD Deck as he is desperate for a serviceable replacement.
  9. MTD Lawnflite parts suppliers or breakers

    I also tried another "mower breaker" friend and the answer was the same. I checked on the Barrus/Lawnflite parts site and it does appear that the pulley in question was only ever used on the various versions of the rear-engined riders and not any of the front engines tractor mowers. Also, it looks like the last machine that used it was back in 1997 so they are likely to be thin on the ground. Pretty amazing that Barrus still have a new one in stock. Good luck with the repair - not a nice job as unless it's spot on the machine will vibrate badly. It may be worth looking for a more modestly priced generic single pulley and get it welded to your boss.
  10. New use for old Kitchen Unit

    Very nice Richard.
  11. New use for old Kitchen Unit

    Nice work Richard.
  12. New use for old Kitchen Unit

    Started this several years ago. Had kept back an old Top Box unit from the old 1962 units when I ripped out the old kitchen of my workshop property.. Units were fixed to the walls with Cut Floor Brad nails !, so not easy to save undamaged. The Units were good quality wood with machined Dovetails - I managed to get 2 slices of about 6 inch sections to make 2 Storage boxes for my machine tools. I also had a good old sheet of 1/2" Mahogany Marine Ply for the bases and Lids, so I made them in the style of the old Georgian Military Campaign Chests. Bases are Glued and Screwed (18 in each) to carry at least 20 kgs of bits- The Lift Handles and Lever Latches were obtained in an old Ironmonger type shop in France, but I had to make the Brass Catch Plates set into the lids. Outside surfaces were dark stained and built up layers of Yacht Varnish roughly applied until the wood grain was filled, along with inside bases and Lids. Got more Brass corner plates to make, but more or less ready for the insides to be sectioned for the various tool layouts. Last few days I've been making a little stowage box for the recently obtained Dial Indicator. Measures 4 x 3 x 2. 3/4"- Also utilised an old Reserve Port Box with sliding lid for storage of my Surface Gauge (just long enough)-
  13. MTD Lawnflite parts suppliers or breakers

    Thanks tried him but non sadly :-( Think i will take it to a fabricator to see if they can weld it back on as £100+ is close to what i paid for the full machine lol Hard part looks like getting the shaft off...... Thanks
  14. Bit Crowded.

    We need a bigger house mum.
  15. Unknown applications

    Just been looking through some of the archived magazine articles I have saved from the web and found this drawing of a very similar looking pump set to the one in above picture. It's from the June 1961 edition of Popular Science and is described as a bilge pump. David
  16. Wheel Horse SD Deck

    The Unibond Power Epoxy worked a treat. Deck made a lovely job of the green and verges. That's the good news. Second time I used it a crack appeared between the centre and left hand side pulleys. Actually, more of an elongated hole than a crack. A bit of plate will soon sort it. Piece of 3mm plate sourced. Paper pattern made. Transferred to plate and cut out with jigsaw. Paint cleaned off ready for welding. Plate clamp to deck top and welding commenced. That's when the trouble started. The steel of the shell started to show how badly it had rusted. Half inch of weld and a hole appeared. Try a different place. One inch of weld and a hole appeared. This happened two or three more times. So the deck was given a good inspection, (Again. The first when I got it) and several dings found where small stones had hit the deck from underneath. Gave the dings a tap?? with a hammer and lo and behold, More holes. So I've decided the deck has terminal rust worm and will be confined to the big skip at the farm. It is now all stripped down and an idea has started to materialise. If it bears fruit the saga will resume.
  17. A FEW More Newby Hall.

    I don't think it has been used in anger, Jonathan. Positioned where it is, I'd think if any heavy strain was put on it, it'd lift the front of the tractor.
  18. A FEW More Newby Hall.

    I wonder what the winch is used for on the Ferrari?
  19. A FEW More Newby Hall.

    As Chris said Norm. Very bright. Had to put my sunglasses on.
  20. Project Wheel-Vo... Running gear found.

    dont think those front wheels will be on the ground alot absolute madness, i love it
  21. Project Wheel-Vo... Running gear found.

    This is going to be a crazy build! Looking forward to it
  22. A FEW More Newby Hall.

    The new camera takes good photos Norm.
  23. Wheelhorse under wraps at Newby Hall

    You'll think of something.
  24. Newby Hall Day 1

    Great photo's guys
  25. Wheelhorse under wraps at Newby Hall

    Interesting thinking, unbolt the bonnet/hood and bolt a train body in it's place.. I wonder what other styles of body could be bolted on?
  26. A FEW More Newby Hall.

    Great photo's Norm, thanks for posting them Of course I'd happily take all the Wh's home, and that superb Super 4 as well
  27. Thanks mate, good of you to notice Hi Paul, mad it certainy will be Loopy and inventive... Sounds like the perfect combo to me It's been a very busy and heavy week, but when needs must.. The Volvo engine bay now looks like this.. Engine out.. A big thank you to Rob (far right) who has put a lot of time in over the past 7+ days to help me get this stage done. A thank you to Matt (far left) who did the very careful forklift driving to pull the engine and trans out.. And a thank you to Nigel (middle) for offering advice, getting in the way sometimes, and for sitting on the forklift to make it look like he did the driving Back in the workshop with a few parts plonked in place.. Only roughly plonked as the pallet is getting in the way and the engine is leaning to one side.... But you get the idea To make the engine run a few wires are needed.... Quite a few as it happens.. I need the complete loom from the engine bay back to the front doors.. Which looked like this once the dash had come out.. The fuse and relay box! I won't be needing all of them thankfully!. Why so many wires? Well, being a "modern"-ish car I need one of these brains to run the fuel injection system.. And one of these which is engine management.. I've not opened it up yet to check, I have a feeling it's one of the ECU's that can be "chipped" to get the engine producing the power it should be rather than the "tamed back" from the factory as it is now.. The loom out the car! I won't need about 75% of this as I won't be running power window, rear screen heater, power sunroof or even the headlamp wash/wipers! I think I'm going to need a very good wiring diagram But I do plan to use as many of the guages as I can.. The Volvo now looks like this and is ready for the "metal monkeys" (as I call them) to come and collect. Parts removed.. Engine, trans, wiring loom... Propshaft. Four wheels to smoke the tyres/tires off of Rear axle.. And a new bit of wall decoration
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