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  2. Chain saw carb.

    Most modern saws use a pulse tube from the internal engine pressure to supply fuel. Cracked or rotted lines can reduce the flow and cause low flow problems
  3. Vintage Oil Can

    Awesome! And something with the word Lucas on it that still works!
  4. Vintage Oil Can

    Your attention to detail Dicky amazes me .
  5. Chain saw carb.

    Possibly has a pulse tube from the crankcase.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Hayter osprey

    Hi all just got the bolt and wood ruff key but checked the inside of the pully what do you think Haven't checked will do it tomorrow and go from there will have a look at the loctite,this is why it's come adrift being loose
  8. Hayter osprey

    Without the key and just putting the pulley on the crank, how much wobble is there? One of the heavier grades of Loctite, such as High Strength Retainer , should sort the problem .
  9. Starting Handle Club Show

    PM answered !
  10. Hayter osprey

    Hi all just got the bolt and wood ruff key but checked the inside of the pulley what do you think
  11. Starting Handle Club Show

    PM sent
  12. Vintage Oil Can

    I've been looking for a decent Oil Can that will serve my elderly Myford ML7 for some time. New quality pump oilers are not cheap, have unsuitable nozzles, or too big. Much sought after, old quality ones like Braimes or some Westcos would do, but I stumbled over a little gem a few days ago and saved it from the bin. I like to delve into history of items that I find and to my surprise, I find loads of it, so I'll include some here in case some may also be interested. This is the Joseph Lucas Ltd No 40. 1/4 pint Oiler- The pics are after I had to fully clean it out to a dry state due to joint damage/leaks around the Plunger - Body collar and the base of the spout. Joints were cleaned out and re soldered. This Oiler version is shown in a 1924 Advertisement that describes it's purpose as tool for use on small Cars and Cyclecars and sold for 7 shillings and 6 pence (37.1/2 new pence today). There was also a bracket which you could purchase at the cost of 1 shilling (5 pence) to fit on the under bonnet (hood) bulkhead, or in the toolbox of the car to stow the Oiler safely. Noted that some examples sold at Auto Auctioneers were claimed to be part of the Toolkit for Bentley, Rolls Royce etc!, but I suspect they would have been nickel plated if supplied to them. The makers name is that of the Automotive Electrical suppliers of dynamos, lights, relays etc of recent years. With the joint repairs done and cleaned up, I gave it just a light clean over the rest of it and had no intention of attempting to remove, clean the age scarring or dents. The only real damage was the broken off threaded tip of the spout where, according to Lucas' info, it had a little cap screwed on the tip for whe not in use. The tip being broken was not usable like this, so I managed to identify the thread form from the 2 remaining full threads and established it to be 1/8" Whitworth (40 threads per inch). Spookily, Whitworth is the basis of the creation of the 'Model Engineer Series' thread form in 1909 and I have a set of those Taps and Dies, so sorted that issue. Took some measurements and some hard Brass and made the parts as close to the original as poss, but not fussed with accuracy- Soldered the tip in place- So there it is. Even the original leather washers are still fine. I'm always impressed with things that were made then, for example this can has the number 428 stamped on the handle as a production number and the base has a 'G' stamped in representing the individual who checked it for quality over 90 years ago. Regards
  13. Starting Handle Club Show

    Hello Iain Yes its a show that we are looking at entering next year, as with you I was not sure if you were at RPT or not... we are back up your way next month so perhaps we could meet up then? Paul
  14. Chain saw carb.

    I have never seen one of those, so have no idea what one looks like. Can only suggest you look at the Poulan Chainsaw Thread in Other Garden Machines and compare my images with your carb. Usually, if there is no primer bulb, then it primes/supplies fuel using a vacuum diaphragm system in the carb.
  15. Chain saw carb.

    I am trying to service a 52 cc Plantiflex Chainsaw ( I think it is Chinese ). This model does not have a bulb primer ? It is not starting very well. I have just cleaned the petrol pick up filter which was a bit silted up probably with two stroke oil. I am trying to work out how the fuel gets into the carb without a primer as the fuel tank seems to be below the level of the carb. Help me understand please. Thanks.
  16. Starting Handle Club Show

    Great pictures Paul, it sounds like this is a show and club we need to explore. It's a pity we did not know you were heading in the opposite direction otherwise we would have looked out for you and/or we could have arranged to meet for a coffee and chat somewhere on the way. Iain
  17. Last week
  18. Hayter 21 axle

    I may have one, Can't remember the size now, but either a Nbr 3 or 5 woodruff. Should be 1/8" wide for a 3/4" dia shaft. Measure the keyway width in the shaft and the length for me and I'll check my stock.
  19. Does anyone have or know where to get a key for holding the clutch back plate on the axle? It appears to be a half moon shape and is part number 4295. The key was missing from my 21 and from the part Osprey which I keep for spares. Any help would be much appreciated.
  20. My other red machine..

    Classic styling and engineering, she's a beaut
  21. WestWood Lawnbug Racing

    I had a Bug once and the phone rang off the wall with racers wanting the chassis. I think most use a Briggs engine with govenor removed.
  22. Wheelhorse c141

  23. NYS Pageant of Steam 2018

    Some nice machinery there, Mike. Thanks for posting.
  24. A Day Dosing

    Come and see me at the show Scott
  25. Wheelhorse c141

    I want a wheel horse, any for sale? In near Saintfield
  26. Wheelhorse c141

    howdy lads , aint been in contact for a while, , I have come cross a problem in wiring . I either need a wiring diagram or a wiring loom for tractor, also an air intake cover if any one can el please let me know the price and postage to bt78 4hu my tractor is WHEELHORSE C141 8 speedwith a 14 horse engine
  27. Morning all, well the point of starting MadTrax up and testing the runnning gear on the bench isn't far off.. Time is still lacking but I have made a good start on the transfer box to from diff drive/prop shafts. I've not taken many photo's and even less video footage as I just wanted to get bit's done while I had the time. Holding a small shaft in place to measure up and work things out was a right pain until I quickly made this "bit of tube welded to box" which holds the shaft in the right place. The shaft to the front has been extended and made a slightly bigger diameter to fit the new UJ.. I've not welded the shaft up yet just in case any adjustment is needed. Here's one of the bearing brackets I made up.. Think it's going to need a lot of trimming now everything is a lot closer to the engine..
  28. Rural past times

    Great photo's guys, looks like you had a good show.. Sorry I couldn't make it, the pain verses pleasure equation is now unfortunatly stacked the wrong way now...
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