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  2. C81 and finger bar.

    Read wot's writ and don't just look at the pictures.
  3. C81 and finger bar.

    Looks better',,,,,,,,,, in places
  4. C81 and finger bar.

    See you've been busy Norm . Glad it's all running well after a good workout !.
  5. Today
  6. C81 and finger bar.

    Job finished for me. The places where I've not cut have sleepers and other objects in. I was told not to bother about them.
  7. AfricanamericanPikr

  8. Yesterday
  9. C81 and finger bar.

    Looks like it's working well Norm, proper job.
  10. C81 and finger bar.

    I did find a watering can and a some more sleepers, Chris. I'll pass on John's, Alan. God knows what I'd hit.
  11. C81 and finger bar.

    When you've finished there Norm, there's lots more to cut at John's.
  12. C81 and finger bar.

    For a moment there Norm I thought you were going to say you found another WH in the under growth
  13. C81 and finger bar.

    Got a little job down at a local garden centre. New owners have bought it and opened a tearoom/café. The grounds where plants etc were grow/displayed is rather overgrown. Did a deal with the owner. Cut down an overgrown area for a load of firewood. This morning set too with the C-81 and finger/sickle bar. Most of the tall growth is/was fruit tree saplings. Seemed a shame to cut them down, but the new owners want the grounds cleared up then they can decide what to do. Lost a couple of bolts that hold finger bar to gearbox so had to call it a day. Loaded tractor onto trailer then 42 bags of cut firewood. Replaced the missing bolts tonight and all is ready for the morning. I'll check bolts periodically from now one. The finger bar don't half vibrate even at low speed.
  14. my new toy

    after looking at the side of the Perfect drill it was made at the Central Metal Works Bristol and now some pics of my Douglas Hoe and Gapper with some pics from Masham Steam Rally. I also acquired a Planet Junior No 25 seed drill
  15. Last week
  16. How many can I get on?

    Looks very smart, ide store that in the living room to make sure it stayed clean , very nice
  17. Happy Birthday Neil.

    Awe shucks , thanks guys ,
  18. HALF a HORSE.

    The original sprocket and part of the tubular shaft, both too large in diameter, were cut from the clutch housing. This was extended with a correct length and diameter replacement which was a VERY tight push in fit. For push in I should say helped with a hammer. This was drilled for a roll pin as was the replacement sprocket. Although the other end looked like it would never move this was also drilled and pinned while I was at it. The gearbox sprocket was not in line with it's big brother on the axle. It needed to be moved inwards about 1/4". A slice was carefully cut off with a thin cutting disc in my Dremel, held as steady as possible as these discs break almost by looking at them. I got almost all the way through before the disc mounting shaft bottomed out. The last bit was done from the opposite side. No photo's of this operation but before and after shots with the sprocket back on the gearbox. The section cut off, first photo, now moved to the outside.
  19. Mower Deck refurbishment

    My 1973 Allis 416 decks don't have grease points and the arbors are still working fine. The only thing that messed one up was the previous owner/mechanic cross threading the center spindle nut and not using the spacer washer allowing the pulley to wobble and destroy the key way groove
  20. Mower Deck refurbishment

    It looks better now Norm. Difficult job getting the sealant off initially, I had to chip it off, then deal with the rust and prep. Wish I knew what they used, 'cause I would put some back on it. Been slapping the old Tractor Enamel on the underside of the Deck (first coat), mainly to use up the remainder in the can- Belt Covers and Rear Chute painted today, so they're dangling in the Garage to dry.
  21. Happy Birthday Neil.

    Happy bithdayNeilđź’‹
  22. Happy Birthday Neil.

    Many Happy Returns Neil
  23. biddenden Tractorfest

    Thats a good number Kev Camper vans arround the working area??
  24. Happy Birthday Neil.

    Happy Birthday Neil.
  25. FOA The Showman.

    I smear some flux on the area where I am going to "weld" with my flux core wire welder and it seems to help a lot.
  26. HALF a HORSE.

    This photo shows the chassis on 4 wheels, still with the first style front hubs and with new tyres fitted. Tread wrong way around I know, wheels just roughly mounted. The front tyres are 9 x 3.50 x 4 made for mini motor cycles fitted to the Bolens 4" hubs. The 9" tyre was better proportion wise than the 10" previously fitted although I have not been able to find an inner tube with a straight valve. The bent valve finished up hard against the rim when inflated. A little mod later improved things. No photo of this yet. The height difference of 2:3/4" between the engine and gearbox shafts can be seen. Just by chance an old Picador double bearing found at John's had the same C/L's and with a slightly cut down base was a perfect fit. Now what to use to transmit the drive from top to bottom. Sprockets and chain from old mowers were dug out. Most were too large to fit between the frame or were double sprockets. The smaller sections were cut off and after trying various combinations things started to look workable. After trying various chain lengths, too short or too long, a cut down mower tensioner was fitted but didn't look right. Another sprocket was found which fitted between the frames but had the wrong ID. This was bored out and welded to the gearbox sprocket ( thanks Chris ) after mounting the pair on a suitable size bolt. After this, the existing keyway in the small sprocket was used as a guide to file out the larger one. The result was a nice tap fit on the gearbox shaft and key and also after altering the chain did away with the need of the tensioner although this could be refitted later.
  27. How many can I get on?

    Stickers look good, top job Titch, as always
  28. FOA The Showman.

    Brilliant Norm, at least the 4 will be all the same.
  29. FOA The Showman.

    Looks good to me Norm
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