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  1. Yesterday
  2. Bolens 1050

    It was great meeting you this weekend it was nice to see the 1050 running. Also thank you very much for helping me get one step closer to getting the 850 going with the addition of the new exhaust.
  3. westwood lawnbug!!

    Thanks for the offer but I'll pass on the Gazelle
  4. Vintage Oil Can

    Thanks gents, It was a challenge to clean and sweat the leaking joint areas without 'wicking out' the original solder, plus someone's previous attempts. I'm impressed with how efficient it is at producing a single drop or a greater volume into the most awkward of Lathe points (even works upside down without leaking). They're not common and worth a few quid now, but I won't part with it-
  5. Hayter 21 axle

    No problem Ray, I try to help anyone. So it's a bit beefier than I predicted. I have to assume due to the machine's age, it is Imperial and not Metric?. Your measurements give 2 possibilities of Key size. I reckon it could be either one of nbr 6 or 8 in this handy size chart- Best thing to do is check the depth of the keyway recess in the shaft and add the depth of the slot in the Backplate to get an idea of the Woodruff Key height.They are fairly cheap, so it may be worth ordering a couple of sizes close to your findings from here - Imp Woodruff Key to be sure of the right one (#6 would be my hunch). The backplate slot width difference may well be due to wear. Hope this helps, as I don't have any of those sizes.
  6. westwood lawnbug!!

    Wow, that's some Westwood collection frozen in time! All you need now is the Gazelle mower haha. If you're interested I have one perfect for restoring (not my W8E) lol. Thanks for sharing this. Getting some new pulleys for my W8E so will be posting that running soon hopefully.
  7. Chain saw carb.

    BTW, you may be able to use the Husqvarna 455 as a reference to the engineering, they look very similar Husqvarna_455E_Rancher II_IPL_2018-02.pdf
  8. Looking bolens part

  9. Looking bolens part

    Could upyou give me a link to the ebay page?
  10. Chain saw carb.

    Many thanks, will look. Love the crest.
  11. Looking bolens part

    Might be easier to make one, 34.99 on eBay in the states, shipping would be a killer.
  12. Vintage Oil Can

    Another excellent restoration! Not only are there few people now who could make a quality item, there are even fewer who could repair one!
  13. Hayter 21 axle

    Hi Richard, You always seem to be helping me out and I hope I can reciprocate one day! I have endeavoured to measure the keyway and the measurements would seem to be: length 600 thou and width155 thou although the slot in the Backplate seems to be more like 165 thou Regards Ray
  14. Merry Tiller Truck.

    Hi all, Quick question, I'm hopefully collecting a merry Tiller Truck next week. Would someone be able to give me the overall dimensions of the truck ( total length and width) I just need to make sure that it will fit in the back of the truck! Joe.
  15. Looking bolens part

    Looking bolens part 1714575, lift arm used on all non hydro tube frames
  16. Last week
  17. Bolens 1050

    I've had tractors like that months of siting not knowing what was wrong and a couple hours after digging into it, puff, cough, sputter, running. I was afraid you were going to say you sold it
  18. Bolens 1050

    Update. Back in 2017 I replaced the seat cover with a red cover. I tried to fir it up but to no avail. I put in a new battery and though it turned over it just did not fired up. In 2018 I took it to my mate Chris who swapped the engine over with another Wisconsin. He swapped the carbs over and a few ignition components plus replaced the exhaust with another pepper pot one. It turned over but would just not fire but hampered by time and lack of space I collected it back off Chris and displayed it at Tractor Fest today. The smell of stale petrol was noticeable and the chap who was running the Howard's parts store suggested that I drain the stale fuel. With his help the fuel was drained (golden yellow) and with the help from Scott who is a member of MOM and a Bolens 850 owner, replaced the plug and reset the gap. I refilled the fuel tank with fresh petrol with added Redex. It spluttered and farted but came alive with clouds of smoke which eventually cleared. The long and short of it is that it fired up and runs very well and all the gears moves smoothly. A few tweaks such as inserting a new choke and throttle cables for example. Up to date photos will follow shortly.

    Good to meet all of you at Biddenden Tractor Fest today and apologies to anyone I missed. Too much time spent talking and I didn't leave until 7:30pm with a sore throat! I didn't realise how many other people had also found themselves suffering at the hands of thieves. It seems that nothing is sacred these days! Doesn't matter what it is some bugger will take it away from you if they get the chance. Anyway I met some very interesting people and handed out fifty of my leaflets so let's hope that my tractor will turn up sometime. Regards to all, TCS.
  20. Chain saw carb.

    Most modern saws use a pulse tube from the internal engine pressure to supply fuel. Cracked or rotted lines can reduce the flow and cause low flow problems
  21. Vintage Oil Can

    Awesome! And something with the word Lucas on it that still works!
  22. Vintage Oil Can

    Your attention to detail Dicky amazes me .
  23. Chain saw carb.

    Possibly has a pulse tube from the crankcase.
  24. Hayter osprey

    Hi all just got the bolt and wood ruff key but checked the inside of the pully what do you think Haven't checked will do it tomorrow and go from there will have a look at the loctite,this is why it's come adrift being loose
  25. Hayter osprey

    Without the key and just putting the pulley on the crank, how much wobble is there? One of the heavier grades of Loctite, such as High Strength Retainer , should sort the problem .
  26. Starting Handle Club Show

    PM answered !
  27. Hayter osprey

    Hi all just got the bolt and wood ruff key but checked the inside of the pulley what do you think
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