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  1. HeadExam

    Anyone know anything about this website?

    The translation of the website is "Spare Parts". The contact info lists company headquarters in Belgium, but all the warehouse information goes back to Columbia and Ecuador.
  2. HeadExam

    Opinions wanted

    I did come out and say something, no one wanted to respond. I politely stated what he was doing and queried him and the group as to what end he was moving toward. It is possible that he might want to recreate the website, he might have downloaded the posts to go with the pictures. He also might want to put all the photos on Reddit or Pinterest as a way to make money through image search hits. I have no idea, but they were my personal photos. I don't have a problem of some one taking a photo here or there, but to abscond with my entire photo album was egregious and I wont stand for that type of behaviour. Only one other member had shared as many photos as I or had as many posts. People there were my friends, but if you wont stand for anything you end up falling for everything.
  3. http://almacenrepuestos.es/ I want to buy a part here, just wanting to know if they are on the up and up
  4. HeadExam

    Opinions wanted

    I belong(ed) to a Chainsaw forum and a new guy joined a few weeks ago. It's a small forum with no subscriptions so we use Flickr or other hosting site to post pictures on the forum so as to not incur extra web costs. Well new member sees some of my photos and favorites every photo (over 300) after he favs them he downloads them all into his gallery, I didn't have the no share feature box checked. I also noticed he had downloaded everyone elses photos and made the forum aware of it. He then made all the photos he had taken private and not viewable. I have no idea what his plans are for the photos, but I deleted my account at the forum (after 2500 posts) and left. I will not interact with a person of such low character. I don't care what others will or won't do, but I will do what I believe is right. I think it was wrong for him to take everyone's photos and he nor the forum will get the benefit of my membership there. The line in my sandbox is not crossed.
  5. HeadExam

    Might Be a Good Read

    A Garden Tractor and Its Boy. https://www.abebooks.com/servlet/BookDetailsPL?bi=9592456076&searchurl=ds%3D20%26sortby%3D17%26kn%3Dgarden%2Btractors&cm_sp=snippet-_-srp3-_-title10
  6. HeadExam

    The things you have to do.

    I used to do a liter or more a day of Kentucky Bourbon, Now I have money to buy things that don't kill me, even buying in bulk lightens your wallet and not much to show for it.
  7. HeadExam

    The things you have to do.

    No one recognizes me when I wear my suit either
  8. HeadExam

    The Border Reiver MK 2

    Absolutely stunning
  9. HeadExam

    1978 Westwood

    Most of our petrol is 10% ethanol with some vehicles designed to run 85% percent (E-85) ethanol, but using it will void manufacturers engine warranty even though the manufacturer built the engine to run on E-85, Apparently the tanks that hold E-85 must be constantly be stirred to keep petrol an ethanol from separating, when ethanol separates from petrol many users will be getting pure ethanol or alcohol (not sure if it's fit for human consumption) and most tanks do not have this feature yet. We have 10 filling stations within 20 miles (one as close as 7 miles) that serve locally drilled and produced pure petrol at 25% percent more per gallon than the 10% ethanol petrol. However studies show that pure petrol gets close to 20-25 percent better fuel mileage without the fuel system issues caused by ethanol
  10. HeadExam

    1978 Westwood

    For general maintenance 1 ounce per gallon is fine, but to clean a heavily varnished or dirty carb I would either buy some of the spray and spray directly into the carb. The engine will try to die so, 2-3 second squirts is all you will get while the engine recovers, 7-10 squirts of Seafoam will remove much varnish and deposits. Another method is to add 3-6 ounces to half a tank and run it empty with this mix. B&S fuel fit is a petrol stabilizer more like Stabil, Seafoam is a cleaner/stabilizer. I only use pure gas, no ethanol and a fuel stabilizer is not necessary for that product. ethanol lace petrol will congeal to a caramel like substance in carburetors after time and clog passageways, Seafoam will remove that, most fuel stabilizers will not. I believe you blokes are able to get pure gas over there, is that so?
  11. HeadExam

    1978 Westwood

    Try heavy amounts of Seafoam petrol treatment, it the best
  12. HeadExam

    Wheelhorse Rear Bracket

    Really nice work. The filing work is a zen exercise, while your doing it you try to tune the mind and body into harmony
  13. HeadExam

    1971 Bolens Husky 1054

    Fine work and video Joseph. A denuded pipe cleaner wire is about the only thing that will clean out the low speed jet. I've tried compressed air, soaking, boiling, vacuum, nothing but a fine wire seems to work. They make a retro fit for a better low speed idle, but I think you have to remove the seat, and that may require some drilling or machining. One thing is for certain,yoou will never get a good low seed idle with it partially plugged. The upside is that it extremely easy to do and once done you can repeat the process almost as quick as changing a fuel filter.
  14. HeadExam

    1978 Westwood

    The engine may sort out on its own with a little more use and clean petrol, may want to use a fuel system cleaner a well.
  15. HeadExam

    1978 Westwood

    Well it looks like you have it sorted nicely