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  1. Bargain !

    Now that is a very handy addition
  2. In 1988, Lawn-Boy acquired Gilson Brothers Co., a Wisconsin-based manufacturer of very well built outdoor power equipment that had made equipment for Montgomery Wards for decades. Using Gilsons design they offered a 4 wheel front engine ride on mower as well as a rear engine ride on mower. Gilson/Lawn Boy also produced the same machines in blue and badged as a Ford LGT, LT, and RER mowers. The largest LGT18H Lawn-Boy came with a 18 hp twin engine and hydrostatic transmission and optional rear PTO, snowblower, rotavator, and 3 point lifts were available.
  3. New Additions

    Very nice additions, you did well
  4. Bill Targett Memorial Rally

    Great pictures Paul, thanks for sharing
  5. Economy tractors

    Companies Like Economy/Power King, SpeedEx, Bready, and Gard-n-Master were sold through order forms in the back of magazines, occasionally a repair shop would take on the line for sale, but would only have one on the lot to show, they would have to order any tractors sold. Many of the smaller companies used this technique early on including Bolens, Pond (pre Wheel Horse), and Bready to name a few. The only way they might have made it outside the US is by special order or shipped with household items on a move. I have seen Homelite saws in the Sandwich Islands, so it is possible.
  6. Economy tractors

    Economy tractors was a name Engineering Products Company (EPCO) used for a specific type and style of tractor. The Company began producing the Economy garden tractor in 1946, but also sold a line of tractors called Country Squire (blue and white) that may have been sold by Montgomery Ward. Produced in Waukesha Wisconsin they company goal was to build the best garden tractor in the world, but soon after changed the name of the company to Power King to belie fears or implications that the tractors were cheap or not built well. Power King/Economy was known for its all gear drive and optional double Borg-Warner transmissions. Besides Economy they were also sold under the name of Jim Dandy tractors, Country Squire tractors, and were very similar to the Red E tractors as well. Powery King became the brand name for the entire line in 1977. Power King was sold to Support Services International in 1990 and production moved from Waukesha to Beaver Dam Wisconsin. In the mid 1980s Power king redesigned the tractor to resemble more traditional styled garden tractors of the era and offered both gear drive and hydrostatic transmissions as well as single cylinder and twin cylinder models. They also produced the UGT2000 and UGT2200 (Ultimate Garden Tractor), for Snapper; this was a very large Garden Tractor with 15 inch rear wheels and 10 or 12 inch front wheels that was bigger than the Bolens HT23 or the John Deere 400. Production continued until the late 1990s when Power King was sold again. Eventually the Power King assets were sold to Yazoo-Kees and production ended. Mission Manufacturing now owns the rights to Power King and supports the tractors. i have most of the manuals for the Economy/Power King tractors and implements. The wheel weight on the tractor in the pictures look like International Harvester weights, not sure. the slot behind the shifter lever is where a second transmission is mounted. The loader appears to be a very well built homemade model at least the cylinders and spool valve are after market
  7. I had a 1965 Continental with the suicide doors, burgundy with black vinyl roof, had a 430 engine, originally an automatic, but I matched a Ford 4 Speed top loader in it after the auto tranny went out. The high rear end gears and excessive weight didn't lend to explosive starts, but the power band was very smooth and efficient. A carb upgrade and 100 octane fuel allowed the 430 to produce over 350h hp.The looks I got when I dragged down the main street and shifted through the gears of that lumbering hunk was priceless.
  8. Cutter deck help

    It wont fit your tractor, 300, 400, and 500 series, some C series and D series decks fit your machine, that deck is from a 100 or 200 series
  9. Great pictures, thanks for sharing
  10. Superb pictures Alan, I loved the Lincoln Mark 5, had several old Lincolns as a kid
  11. Bolens 1476 Mowing Duty

    I just love driving this 1476, nothing like it

    Sounds like a great outing. What will the drivers in the near future do, take a trolley? I heard the UK was banning hybrids and all cars that didn't run mostly on electric in a little over 20 years, no vans, no sprinters, no Landys, will lories be electric too? I just want to know how they will put in a recharging station that can charge that many cars and have that much voltage without getting a part of the Back to the Future car. Are politicians just insane?
  13. I have three more on the way. So tonight I lowered three shelves to utilize the top shelf
  14. Wee tractor working 2018 new garden

    Very nice collection of attachments to go with a stout tractor
  15. Tecumsh MV100s as in Flymo

    Is it possible the engine is a VM100 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TECUMSEH-VM100-157012A-SER-70280-FOR-USED-STD-PISTON-WITH-OUT-RINGS-PN-34543/152210580440?epid=1901755037&hash=item23707523d8:g:qrgAAOSwwbdWOk5P I believe that part number was superseded by a later number, can you provide the complete model and serial number.
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