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  1. F.A.O. The Showman.

    Beautiful automobile, but I wouldn't want to make the payments or cover the insurance on it. Well I might if I was his age, as I'm sure it naturally attracts blondes, brunettes, and redheads.
  2. Kubota 7100 1978 project

    Tires look good, by the green algae if it cant be fixed it could be used to show a north heading. There are companies that make aftermarket parts for the old Kubota's and I believe they share some parts with the ISEKI or Satoh tractors, the tough part is cross referencing part numbers, because even if they were the same part from the manufacturer, they were different numbers on each brands parts list. There might be a list of the part vendors for the older Kubota's. These older Kubota's were made in large enough numbers to justify aftermarket vendors. This link is good because while they might not have every part they do show pictures of the part that might help in sourcing one from another manufacturer or vendor. http://www.yesterdaystractors.com/cgi-bin/store/compact_model_parts.cgi?SearchArea=Kubota&md=B7100
  3. I didn't even realize they made a Super XL-12, and I already have a Super XL Auto, but hey I never turn down a vintage saw for cheap. I found these on craigslist and they were on the way from our house in Oklahoma to my Mom's house in Wichita, Kansas. The ad said Maple City Kansas, but the house was miles from any town (Maple City has no stores, no churches, no Post Office, just a cemetery). The people selling the saws worked on a large ranch in Cowley County Kansas, its over 10,000 acres and isn't even one of the big ranches. As a hired hand on a big ranch you get a small stipend and found (trailer on the ranch), upon pulling up to the dilapidated trailer people slowing began pouring out of the front door and dogs of all shapes and sizes came out of shaded areas; with them came eight small hound puppies, three chickens, and four cats. While talking to the guy about the saws, a couple with a baby appeared from a field from God knows where holding a small child. At this point I count nine souls of various ages, shapes and sizes. The owner (father?) and oldest male have shoes, the rest are barefoot. He pulls these two saws from a outdoor cabinet that housed another six to eight Super 2's, XL-2's, and Poulan chainsaws, just junk. He claims he cuts and sells firewood out there, but the land contains approximately 1.9 trees per hectare (maybe a tad more) and none of these trees I would waste time cutting. The two saws had been on craigslist for several months and the owner seem glad and surprised to see me ( just remembering I had my derringer in my boot made me feel good), and we settled on 30 dollars for the two saws. My wife and I loaded the saws in the side door of our custom conversion van with an audience attempting to peer into the strange looking vehicle. We considered stopping by the next town and buying some lice/tick/flea spray, but by the time we got to a sizable town an hour had passed and we had not experienced any itching or crawling feelings. I believe we are safe and happy to be heading home.
  4. Calf dozer

    Now that is a real prize Harry, congratulations, I know I am green with envy!
  5. Newhaven Fort

    Great bunch of history there fellas. Thanks a bunch for posting the pictures, they were superb.
  6. Sisis Auto Greenman

    Good call on the dates and codes Richard
  7. Sisis Auto Greenman

    I was thinking along the same lines Richard. I believe the last of the cast iron engines were not of that type and code, but rather 130200-130299, but the gas tank is the same as the older engines, so at any rate other than the choke and throttle controls this looks to be a mid 80's engine, hard to say about the casting from the pictures
  8. Sisis Auto Greenman

    The model, type, and code numbers are usually stamped into the fan/starter shroud, yours may be on top near the spark plug
  9. Sisis Auto Greenman

    Great looking and useful piece of equipment that should keep you out of trouble (and the pub) for a good portion of your free time. Is that a replacement engine or is this a post 1980 machine? The model, type, and code numerals contain the date of engine manufacturer.
  10. Ariens GT14H Got a New Accessory

    And also have a trailer with a self contained mini fridge with Ales, mixes, and also have the ability operate a blender in the field to make Daiquiris and Margaritas.
  11. SVTEC Rally Scone Perthshire

    That is a fine looking hound, looks like e is getting some much needed rest.
  12. Ariens GT14H Got a New Accessory

    My hundred dollar (and 90.00 shipping) 6KW Onan generator mounted to my Ariens GT14H
  13. Where Do They All Come From?

    Thanks, I have a chainsaw project waiting as we speak in the form of a large Maple tree the tornado knocked down, just beside our home. I'm waiting for it to dry a little and the weather to cool. I'll have those shelves filled before long, lol
  14. Happy birthday Joseph

    Happy Belated Birthday Joseph, Hope it was a good one and wish you many more to come.
  15. Illusive Woodruff Key Size in UK

    Toro part number 937108 https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2053587.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.Xtoro+937108.TRS0&_nkw=toro+937108&_sacat=0
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