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Wheel Horse Sickle Bar.

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 Decided it was about time I had some workshop time. So some more done to the sickle bar.


 Mounted the assembly bracket and rod, to the rear and that shows it was not meant to fit a long frame Wheel Horse.




A custom mule drive is to be made.


Now the lift threw up more problems. The lift arm is longer of course and fouled against the assembly frame. I did take a photo, but it seems to have gone a.w.o.l. :rolleyes:


After much fiddling, trying and changing, I've ended up with this.




 Arm lift chain was moved forward and a fresh hole drilled in the arm to take the chain in photo. With gearbox and cutter bar fitted, which are not light by any means, there is just clearance between arm and frame.


Another problem then reared its head. The tractor the sickle bar is meant for, doesn't have foot plates. The C-81 does. The lift lever that raises the cutter bar upright, fouls the foot plate. So another will have to be made.


So that's it so far. Next thing is to separate cutter bar and gearbox again. Make things easier to handle.


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  Got a bit more done today. Plates made for the mule drive and cross bar to support front of main support shaft.

  Next thing to do is source a couple of drive pulleys, 5" and 2-1/2", 3/4"dia bar for drive shaft, drive shaft bearings and housing. Work out a method of tensioning the belt from engine to drive shaft. Not a lot really. :rolleyes:

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Ye Gods! :rolleyes:   The 5" ally one may do. I'll let you know. I wouldn't be surprised if there's one amongst that lot that I could modify for the other. I need to pop down. :P


Yeh pop down mate, I'm always here with the kettle on

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 Last week or maybe the week before, I finally got around to getting some pulleys, bearings and 20mm bar for the mule drive. So today I got stuck in and got a bit done.


 First I made a couple of pins. And yes there's only one in the photo.




  These go here. One each side and QD.




 Next I made a couple of new mounting plates.594d65eada217_2002-01-0900_10_02.jpg.4032d9792424914edf466c7fe7ed549d.jpg


 After that there was much putting on, taking off, head scratching, fiddling and general phaffing about.


 But finally I had this....... apologies for the poor photo.










And this594d65f2449e3_2002-01-0903_27_48.jpg.0ec0d262939f5baae2b4677958974d13.jpg



 Tomorrow I may get more done. :fingerscrossed:



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  Got a bit more done today.

  Getting the lift right was a bit of a problem. When down, the downward curve of the lift arm fouled the guard and top pulley. Eventually I decided to disconnect the lift chain and cable tie the arm up as far as I could. I could have cut the downward curve off, but I don't want to alter things if I can help it. With the arm up I fastened the lift chain to the guard/frame.




   Next I had to have someway of holding the cutter bar in the vertical position. Had a root round and came up with this.






 Finally a couple of shots of it down and up.






  Next thing to do is make a handle to lift the cutter bar. Again I don't want to alter the original handle. Get that done and I can work out a belt length.

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 Today I made a bush up to take the place of the lifting handle for the cutter bar. I'll maybe make a handle at a later date. I wanted to work out belt lengths, mule pulley positions, adjustment etc. 

  I found a belt in my belt collection that fitted mule drive to cutter bar gearbox nicely. Fitted nicely is a bit of an understatement. Bit of a pain the rigmarole fitting it. But it went on. I'll be  getting one slightly shorter as the one on leaves little for adjustment.

  For the drive from PTO to mule drive shaft, I found one of those emergency universal fan belts. Cut down a bit that fitted and gives me an idea of belt required. I've to yet workout a tensioner for that.

  With belts fitted, pulleys lined up and taper locks tightened, I tried turning everything by hand. Was a bit stiff at first then freed up. Most likely because the bar hadn't moved for some time.

  So the moment of truth had arrived. Will it work? :unsure: Started up the tractor and running on just above idle slowly engaged the PTO. Bar was flat on the floor BTW.

  Happy to say, actually very happy, all went well and fine. As soon as I get new belts I'll give it a try on the overgrown bridleway up past my home. If all goes well, it'll be to remove for painting the mule drive.

  I just hope it will go up the ramps onto the trailer ok. It's definitely not something you can or want to remove in a hurry.


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  Got the belts this morning and fitted the PTO to mule one. A little longer than I'd wanted, but the closest I could get.


  So now it was time to make a belt tensioner. I'd had a bit of a think and a root round.  I would have liked a small pulley, but I'd nothing about. I did find a nice new bearing. What it was for is any bodies guess. Might do I thought, so before long I had this knocked up.




  And it ended up here.




   Not ideal I know and a bit of a rethink will be thought.


  Another problem occurred when I gave it a try. The belt came off the tensioner. I think the bottom pulley may be a tad out of line.  

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