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  1. Today
  2. Happy Birthday Showman.

    Happy Birthday Mr Showman ! My favourite photo from last years Newby Hall
  3. Happy Birthday Showman.

    Happy Birthday Chris, Hope you have a stupendous day!
  4. Happy Birthday Showman.

    Happy Birthday YOUNG man. I expect Pam will spoil you today.
  5. Happy Birthday Showman.

    Happy Birthday Chris
  6. Happy Birthday Showman.

    Have a gooden mate ,
  7. Happy Birthday Chris. Hope you have a good day.
  8. Wheel Horse 512-D

    Awesome, two 512D's show up within a few months of each other. Never even seen this model before
  9. Yesterday
  10. Wheel Horse 512-D

    Yes I tried speaking to the owner but got no reply . I was very interested in buying it also . I’m pleased it’s gone somewhere it’s going to be appreciated 👍 as soon as I get a chance I’ll send that manual over .
  11. Rural Past Times, August 11/12

    Hope Half a Horse will be towing me around this time.
  12. Rural Past Times, August 11/12

    If Alan's going to be there, I suppose I'll have to bring the Sears/Roper.
  13. Rural Past Times, August 11/12

    Thanks Alan, you should be E10
  14. Rural Past Times, August 11/12

    Mine sent and entry pass received Chris.
  15. Rural Past Times, August 11/12

    Thanks Norm
  16. Rural Past Times, August 11/12

    Posted mine this morning, Chris.
  17. Rural Past Times, August 11/12

    Went to a RPT meeting last night and the show is really coming together. We now have someone to do program's for the show and all the exhibitors will be listed. We've sent out a lot of entry forms for the Horticultural section but not many people have returned them, can you please send your entries in so I can organise the program. If anyone else needs a entry form PM me and I can email you one
  18. Chainsaw Shelves Nearly Full

    That's some collection, Alain.
  19. Wheel Horse 512-D

    Hi Scott Yes I had discussions with the owner and bought it.. thanks for the info and offer of the manual I would certainly appreciate that...
  20. I have one on the bench in restoration process and another one possibly coming soon. Other than the Montgomery Wards 2.3 Featherweight (Remington Yardmaster) they are all the lowest productions Homelite models made between 1965 and 1980
  21. Wheel Horse 512-D

    That's right 1986 and the robin built via Subaru apparently.
  22. Last week
  23. Wheel Horse 512-D

    This is the same as mine . It was made in 1986 for one year and only distributed in Europe the engines a robin Subaru lump I have a manual somewhere I can email over to you . Is this the one that was recently on eBay ?
  24. Wheel Horse C-101

    Anything you could send to N.I. For free?
  25. Wheel Horse 512-D

    Ok, from the little I know hard to find, diesel robin (Fuji-robin) engine, made in Japan, keep oil in it and its bulletproof would love a wheel horse but hard to find in Northern Ireland
  26. Wheel Horse 512-D

    Thanks, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
  27. Wheel Horse 512-D

    BTW Where about's are you located?
  28. Wheel Horse 512-D

    Thanks Stormin I've downloaded one but seems to be very little info available being an export model, it a decent one with quite a few spares which is a bonus...
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