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  3. Hi and a question

    I tried to get on the GGT forum but the CAPTUR doesn't work, I dropped them an Email but no response, that was yesterday,,
  4. Truck fitter by trade and not afraid of electrics, can and will fabricate parts where I can..

  5. Hi and a question

    Thanks very much, I'll get over there after this.. Very possibly, I'm not sure as the Mrs bought it and I just did logistics and the repairs are my dept.. She bought it as a runner that had been left for a while, No regulator, float was split and the HT lead had no cap... fuel tap was solid... Lemon springs to mind...but at £70 it will be worth it, she just wants something to chain harrow the horse fields with..Float is now soldered up, fuel tap cleared and the float chamber is all shiny and clean Pics will be done this weekend, I know its a 813-03 and its serial number is 6592 original white paint has been painted over in black and theres no cutting deck on it,,( something I'd like for later)
  6. Webb mower

    Well after being ribbed at the weekend for using a flymo I picked this 1976? Webb 2hp up on a selling site for £25 . Very pleased with it as it runs well I do need to try to work out how to slow the drive down on it as it takes off a bit faster than I can move 😂
  7. Skilshop Chainsaw Clutch

    Thank you for the advice to check the sprocket as well.
  8. F.A.O. Alan.

    Alan, you asked about the two man saw from Johns place. Here it is in its new home. And this is what Carol does with old stock garden pots we got from a local garden centre. After your truly has cleaned and given them two coats of Sandtex smooth white.
  9. Wheel Horse SD Deck

    Sorted the angled lift bar today. Straightened it out with the use of a press at the farm round the corner. This made the bar longer of course. Cut off the extra length, then drilled and filed a fresh square hole. Removed the bracket and replaced to line up with the straightened bar. Tomorrow I may see if the deck fits OK now. Should do, then I'll see how it performs. I had to drill another hole in the bracket, as the original lined up perfectly with the baffle underneath the deck top.
  10. Third 2018 Ardingly Collective Sale

    Sounds like you did ok then
  11. Wheelhorse Snow Plough

    As far as i can see its all there, just needs the bracket on the back axle to fit it
  12. Wheelhorse Snow Plough

    What does it need to make it complete and work Chris ?
  13. Wheelhorse Snow Plough

    Forgot those.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Wheelhorse Snow Plough

    Got any pictures please
  16. Third 2018 Ardingly Collective Sale

    Yes There was a pile of allen scythes all fit for scrap. 2 mayfields which did not fetch mutch but were tidy. Auto culto in poor shape. A early greens push mower which I should have saved. BMB Cult mate with plough but had newish tyres I did not buy any of it One think I did buy was a pair of petrol compressors with kohler engines. One is electric start & looks like its not done a lot of work. That engine is going into a white tractor
  17. Third 2018 Ardingly Collective Sale

    Any bargains Chris ?
  18. Tecumsh MV100s as in Flymo

    Thanks for the suggestion but the MV100 is a different animal altogether. Two stroke not four.
  19. Wanted deck,trailer and other attachments

    Just put a snow plough in the for sale section if your interested Scott
  20. Wheelhorse Snow Plough

    Genuine Wheelhorse Snow Plough / Dozer blade. Hard to find these now, needs a clean up and repaint. £200
  21. Last week
  22. Tecumsh MV100s as in Flymo

    Is it possible the engine is a VM100 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TECUMSEH-VM100-157012A-SER-70280-FOR-USED-STD-PISTON-WITH-OUT-RINGS-PN-34543/152210580440?epid=1901755037&hash=item23707523d8:g:qrgAAOSwwbdWOk5P I believe that part number was superseded by a later number, can you provide the complete model and serial number.
  23. Third 2018 Ardingly Collective Sale

    Good pics Paul Myself & Harry were hoovering up stuff at the West Meon sale today
  24. Hi and a question

    Welcome, was that the bolens 813 I happened to see on eBay? We want pics.....
  25. Wendy and I had a quick visit to Ardingly this morning Nowt of interest to us and we had other stuff to do so did not stay long (long enough for a breakfast roll and a tea) Here's some photos of what was there...
  26. Tecumsh MV100s as in Flymo

    I'm looking for a standard size piston that's not been seized. Original part number 16095004
  27. Hi and a question

    Hello and welcome to the forum. Have a look at GTT lawn and garden tractor talk, click on the forums then look up Bolens they're also got a manual section. Chris
  28. Hi and a question

    Hi I'm lez from Essex, Just aquired my first ( hopefully ) old beastie, A Bolens Husky Pup 813, firstly thanks for having me and can anyone please direct me to where to get a workshop and wiring manual please.. Thanks. Lez.
  29. Wheel Horse SD Deck

    How long are they Norm, i'm sure ive got some of those
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