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  1. New use for old Kitchen Unit

    Nice work Richard.
  2. Bit Crowded.

    We need a bigger house mum.
  3. Wheel Horse SD Deck

    The Unibond Power Epoxy worked a treat. Deck made a lovely job of the green and verges. That's the good news. Second time I used it a crack appeared between the centre and left hand side pulleys. Actually, more of an elongated hole than a crack. A bit of plate will soon sort it. Piece of 3mm plate sourced. Paper pattern made. Transferred to plate and cut out with jigsaw. Paint cleaned off ready for welding. Plate clamp to deck top and welding commenced. That's when the trouble started. The steel of the shell started to show how badly it had rusted. Half inch of weld and a hole appeared. Try a different place. One inch of weld and a hole appeared. This happened two or three more times. So the deck was given a good inspection, (Again. The first when I got it) and several dings found where small stones had hit the deck from underneath. Gave the dings a tap?? with a hammer and lo and behold, More holes. So I've decided the deck has terminal rust worm and will be confined to the big skip at the farm. It is now all stripped down and an idea has started to materialise. If it bears fruit the saga will resume.
  4. A FEW More Newby Hall.

    I don't think it has been used in anger, Jonathan. Positioned where it is, I'd think if any heavy strain was put on it, it'd lift the front of the tractor.
  5. Wheelhorse under wraps at Newby Hall

    You'll think of something.
  6. 'Ere's a few wot I tuk.
  7. A Very Good Interview

    As I understand it the front fell off.
  8. Newby Hall Day 2

    Pity we didn't get to meet you, Pete. Heck of a stationary display though. I took a few photo's of them. Maybe yours is amongst them.
  9. Looney spotted at Newby Hall

    Chris insisted it had to be the red tractor. I'm not sure why. Could have been the colour, or maybe I had to bend down and he didn't.?
  10. Wheelhorse under wraps at Newby Hall

    Chris wanted to have a ride, Chris. But didn't want to fork out £2. The pick up and drop off point was right by us. I now know the words to Postman Pat off by heart.
  11. Looney spotted at Newby Hall

    I'll give you a slap. I'm far better looking than him.
  12. Looney spotted at Newby Hall

    I'll get mine own back. Just you wait.
  13. All loaded and ready to roll in the morning. I just hope it's not as hot as it has been today. 30c in the sun the garden thermometer read. Dropped to 26c in the shade now.
  14. No! Just inventive. Loopy but inventive.
  15. A Day At Beamish Museum

    Ditto! Post in the Upcoming Shows and Events.
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