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  1. It's Snowed.

    Very rare to get snow here, Dave. All round on the fells and over on the Scottish side.
  2. It's Snowed.

    First time in four years we've had snow. All gone now. Just a wet, slippy, soggy mess.
  3. You do know you have a 7mth deadline to get it finished, Ian?
  4. I guessed there was a new crazy, mad, crackers, stark raving mad creation on the cards, when you said you were paying Chris a visit. Will it be ready for August, for me to try on my annual jaunt darn sarf?
  5. Flat pack Wheelhorse

    Did you check his other pocket? I used to work with a chap who carried two wallets. One had a fiver in, the other was for the tens and twenties.
  6. Flat pack Wheelhorse

    You could have got more in there, Chris. It's only half full.
  7. Hethersgill Vintage Rally. 2018. May 6th. Heathersgill Vintage Club Ltd for details. Rally and Craft Fair.
  8. Darkest hour

    Back row and miss most of the film?
  9. Darkest hour

    Last time I was at the pictures was about 50yrs ago. The Dirty Dozen. You just have to wait maybe a year or so and the films come on the box.
  10. Input on News Needed

    The business with the Russian planes and ships has been going on for some time. Not only in the channel, but the North Sea as well. Russian subs frequently, so I am lead to believe, are active close to our territorial waters. Putting the English Channel aside, the North Sea activity and air space is seen by our powers that be, as testing how quickly we will react. As for the French, as far as I am concerned the least said the better. The ordinary people I've no problem with. It's the politicians.
  11. De' Ja' Vu

    That looks better.
  12. Heathersgill Vintage Club Annual Ploughing Match. To be held 18th of March. Venue to be confirmed. Horticultural class. Details :- Norman Elliot. 01228 675336. Mob. 07831127138
  13. De' Ja' Vu

    You realise if you paint the trans', you have to paint all the rest.
  14. De' Ja' Vu

    The hubs are cast and very easily broken. I've one off the Raider 10 with a chunk out. Not down to me I hasten to add.
  15. De' Ja' Vu

    Sometimes heating then letting cool, helps to break the seal. Then heating again finishes the job off. Well done.
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