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  1. All the Best, Jonathan. Wishing you a good day.
  2. I received this message today. from Steve Wilson Changing the subject a little, I have 2 C125 wheel horses that I was using in my vineyard until last summer. Someone turned hard right at top speed on one of them and the back axle moved apart a little then jammed. The other was used regularly and I do not think there is much wrong but I cannot get it to start. Unfortunately the vineyard is expanding quickly, it is extremely busy and time consuming. I have owned both both tractors for some years and am very fond of them however I know that I will not have time to look at them this year. If anyone is interested they are available free from the vineyard in Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire, at the very least I am sure that 1 good tractor could be assembled. I can be reached on 07812 339556, 01386 840079 or email steve@steve-w.co.uk If there is a better address for this message to be viewed, I would be pleased to know it. Regards Steve
  3. Right hand. You can see it's longer left hand front leg.
  4. For those who do not believe they exist.
  5. Nice set of little rollers, Richard.
  6. For forms/form contact :- Gordon Wilson. Criffel Dene, Aldoth, Wigton, Silloth. CA7 4NB. Phone. 016973 61398. Any enquiries to :- Stuart Lake. 01228 675371. or mobile. 07493428785
  7. Web site is currently down. PM with your address and I will get an entry form sent to you.
  8. Can't help with a source of parts but those points look as if a good clean up will do with a carborundum stone.
  9. Finished putting the C-125 back together after the exhaust valve replacement. Fired it up and let it warm up then set the carb. Got it running nicely, then I notice oil running down the front of the engine. Valve tappet cover leaking. So off with the carb then the cover. Made a new gasket and refitted everything. Fired it up and let it run for a while and no more leak. Refitted the bonnet/hood. Now ready for grass cutting duty again.
  10. Been working on a 1975 David Brown 885 tractor today. My mates latest acquisition. It's been a little neglected by the PO and left standing outside for some time. It's what is called an orchard/vineyard tractor. Quite narrow. About 4ft wide. Paint is a bit worst for wear but nothing drastic. Only really rotten part is the seat base at the back. Starts and runs well with no smoke except for the normal diesel exhaust fumes. We drained off the hydraulic oil, or should I say milky liquid. The filter was rather past it's sell by date and the bottom of it's cover and the fine mesh screen inside had quite a not of gunge. All cleaned up now. Got in touch with a father and daughter tractor spares outfit I know and new filter will be available Monday. Helen, the daughter, said her father is starting to sort out his old stock of DB parts, so to make a list of what is needed and let them know. Maybe a decent seat base available. The air filter was next. The oil bath type. Again the cannister had a good layer of crud in the bottom. The oil was rather mucky as well. Seemed over filled as well. The wire filter was washed in petrol as was the cannister and all put back together with fresh oil. I'll try and remember to take my camera next week and get a photo or two.
  11. Stormin

    Another horse.

    Thanks for the offer, Nigel. Richard said it's an original one that's on. I'll see what I can do with it when I get the chance.
  12. Are you going to bring something to exhibit? V8 Pilot? Mini Moke? TVR?
  13. Hethersgill Vintage Club will be holding their annual rally on April 30th at Carlisle Airport. Different site this year on the south side of the airport off the A689. Details can be found on the club web site. www.hethersgillvintageclub.co.uk.
  14. Stormin

    Another horse.

    Thanks for that, Richard. It's very loose on the steering shaft. I'll see what I can do.
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