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  1. Wheel Horse SD Deck

    Got a drive belt for the spindles this morning. Fitted it then thought I'd fit the deck to the old workhorse, the C-125. Removed the rear discharge deck and proceeded to fit the Side discharge deck. All went well until I tried to lift the deck up. The lift handle wouldn't go into it's locked position as the deck wouldn't lift high enough. Investigation showed the right hand lift arm and the bracket it was attached too, were fouling the tractor drive belt guard. If you look at the photo above, you will see the left hand arm is straight. The right hand one bends in. So another straight arm needs to be made, and the rear bracket needs repositioning. Hey! Ho! These thinks are sent to try us.
  2. Ride-on Tractor lift

    What weight will it lift, Chris?
  3. Plough Mod.

    You'll need to supply the wheel etc.
  4. Plough Mod.

    While at the Scottish Tractorfest at Edinburgh, I was given some tips as to the depth wheel. I've fitted it too close to the plough. Needs to be about 8" further out. So back to the drawing board. Jonathan (expeatfarmer) kindly gave me a depth wheel, surplus to requirements, off a Ransomes plough. Today I've been weighing things up. My main concern was to it's weight. Putting the weights I hang on the plough on some scales, then the depth wheel, I found they weighed the same. I think I've worked out a way to mount it and I'll start on that later in the week. I'll also include photo's as I go along to keep certain people happy.
  5. Help with Ransomes parts

    Expeatfarmer may be able to help. He's three Turf Trax. He'll most likely look in in the morning. Ransomes256 may be of help also. and whereabouts are you located?
  6. New project??

    Not for me though. No engine.
  7. Toro The Sequel

    I had one of those on the steering wheel of my Austin A60 van. One night going up the twisty track to my lodgings after a night in the local pub, I came to the sharp left turn halfway up. Driving steering with the spinner, as you call it, I turned left. Only I couldn't get it back fast enough and the van ended up stuck half way up the bank. We had to pull it off with the farmers tractor. I threw the spinner away after that. BTW. That tyre looks a bit worn.
  8. Wheel Horse SD Deck

    Deck shell was rather awkward to handle in a press, so gave up. I'll see how it sits under a tractor. I solved the problem of the missing rear scalp wheel. A friend of SWMBO, who does wood turning, owed me a favour for a job I did for him. Look oak A to me. Just need a belt, which I should get next week.
  9. Toro The Sequel

    I couldn't find the battery I wanted for the Sears/Roper at Halfords. Got one from TMS, a motor factor in Carlisle. Think that was about £50.
  10. A Good Day Out.

    My vintage club ran a coach trip over the border yesterday. We went to see a vintage tractor collectors private museum and also to The Falkirk Wheel. First the museum. Situated near Cupar, Fife. Mainly Case tractors but many other makes as well. Also there are his wagons he used to go too shows. We were made very welcome, with free tea/coffee and biscuits. They make no charge but accept donations to the R.N.L.I. A very tidy black top Wheel Horse of Belgium make, judging from the Mountfield sticker. Unfortunately I didn't get to see what model etc. As you can see it was being used as an extra table. On to the tractors. All displayed in buildings that I wasn't jealous of one little bit. A little Kubota that earns it's keep. The second we saw that day. The first at the services we stopped at for breakfast. A couple of crawlers. This old mobile crane was hiding in another building. The Scammell tractor he used for towing his Showmans caravan next to it. He used to go to the Devon Steam Fair. It would take him a while. Nice mini steam wagon. Just one of the shelving with items on. There was bits and bobs everywhere. This photo is for the Showman. From the museum, we went to the Falkirk Wheel. Quite impressive. Worth a visit if your around that way. If you don't like heights, don't look down. If you Google the Falkirk Wheel you can find out all about it. Finally the Kelpies. That was the name given to the horses that towed the barges on the canal. There are two at the wheel, but only about 12ft high. These two are by the canal not far from the wheel. A little bit more than 12ft. It was a good day. Weather stayed fine. The 5am wake up I'm not so sure about.
  11. Toro The Sequel

    A good wash, wipe with an oily rag and that should clean up nicely, Chris.
  12. Tyre sizes

    They should do for what you want, Scott.
  13. Biddenden tractorfest 2018

    You should have my entries by now, Kev.
  14. Rural Past Times, August 11/12

    Filled in mine yesterday. All ready to post.
  15. Red Tractor, Yes Please, "Oh Dear"

    What condition is the engine in?
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