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  1. Wheel Horse RJ-58 Restoration

    Doing well, Ewan. I just hope it's not distracting you from studies.
  2. Angle iron

    And the Showman's the man to see. Got a shed full.
  3. Angle iron

    Don't know precisely, but I've an '82 C-125. Not for sale BTW.
  4. Give us a Lift

    I like it and the way you've made the top bar. I can see a nice little earner there. BTW. Where did the caution sign come from? Very apt. Just one observation. I'd fit gussets in the corners of the top bar. Add a bit of strength.
  5. Kubota 7100 1978 project

    I think that's an excellent idea, Angus. Who knows, it could turn into a nice little side line.
  6. Give us a Lift

    Don't be silly!
  7. Wheel Horse RJ-58 Restoration

    Another neat job and a good idea with the wheel studs/nuts.
  8. Been a bit wet today.

    There are ditches Chris. Full of water. The water has risen and the grass either side is now under water. It's up to the second stone in the photo. The lanes flooded but passable all the way to the main road. Supposed to rain all night. Oh! We had a power cut from 4-30 to 6-15. I expect more.
  9. Somehow I don't think I'd be wanting to do a strip down.
  10. Give us a Lift

    I see the bottles of beer have gone.
  11. Give us a Lift

    Something like that would do. But Chris's workshop walls are not thick enough. Pillar mounted and bolted to the floor might do.

    Try and get anything from our local smithy is like trying to get blood from a stone. I go to a steel stockist in Carlisle. They'll sell you off cuts and very cheap.
  13. Give us a Lift

    An engine hoist would normally be ideal, but you a tied for space. Gantry over your table lift would be best I think.
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