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  1. Downsizing in Metalwork

    Superb work, Richard.
  2. You can't make it up.

    Swmbo went to the green grocers in Wigton for some cabbage for Timothy, her beloved rabbit. "Sorry there's a shortage," the assistant said. "We have to import it as we can't grow it in this country." WHAT! Since when? Don't know what those green things I've seen in the fields and allotments are then?
  3. Montgomery Wards

    I agree with Alain. If it fired and ran, should be ok.
  4. Wheel Horse C-101

    Pity your at t'other end of this Septic Isle to me, Ian. I could have helped you out with body work and carb.
  5. Don't you just love modern electrickery. Oh for the days of three fuses, no idiot lights, gadgets and gizmos.
  6. Put the Bolens to work today

    Portly Nigel. Portly.
  7. Put the Bolens to work today

    I like how you've borrowed the customer's washing line. The ground must be dry down there. Up here the wheels would have just spun.
  8. Danarm Tornado

    Now that is a BIG BOYS toy.
  9. Wheel Weights.

    It originally had those steel spoked wheels, Andrew. Just a pea sized pebble would stop a wheel turning. I found the wheel spindles were the same size as series Land Rover front spindles. Having a complete set of hubs lying about and more wheels than enough, I thought it a good idea to fit them. I had to widen the saw bench axle to get clearance for the tyres. The SB axle is square bar with the ends turned down for the spindles. This was cut in half and tube a neat fit used to extend the axle. Welded in place of course. Draw bar from more stuff lying about and the jack came from a now defunct trailer at the farm.
  10. Toe nail trimmer? The tracked one in the first photo' looks interesting.
  11. Bring and Buy sale

    One of the steamer men at Biddenden had a trailer that flat packed. Good idea.
  12. Bring and Buy sale

    Will 4 be enough for you, Alan?
  13. Bring and Buy sale

    That's rather nice.
  14. Undercover Wheel Horse "1467"

    Nice looking tractor, Mike, and that little stack is the dogs whatsits. Proper job!
  15. The Showmans new Toy

    He didn't manage to sell it you then, Andrew?
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