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  1. Kubota 7100 1978 project

    I would think it wouldn't be hard to find a replacement head.
  2. F.A.O. The Showman.

    He's already got a long legged blonde, Alain. They're getting married next year so he thought he'd have this before children came along.
  3. F.A.O. The Showman.

    We live down a single track lane, Mike. Get a lot of farm traffic. You should see the state of the Disco and our Mazda. Actually it's not mine. Eldest grandson's. If I got in it, I could have trouble getting out again.
  4. Kubota 7100 1978 project

    Good tractors Kubota's. If the engine and gearbox are ok, the rest will be a doddle.
  5. I see Courtney's still in place. Looks like he's become a permanent fixture.
  6. The Chevy van in the 13th photo I could go for. As to the Gold Wings. No thanks. Cars minus two wheels. Not proper motorcycles.
  7. F.A.O. The Showman.

    Here you are Chris. New car just delivered. Carol thanking the delivery man.
  8. Happy birthday Kev

    All the Best, Kev.
  9. Just one problem, Alan. Money! Or lack of it.
  10. I want the Dunelt. I want the Dunelt. I WANT THE DUNELT!
  11. Calf dozer

    I like that. Kind of cute.
  12. 1975 DAF 66 Station Wagon

    By 'eck! Not seen one of those for years.
  13. Ransomes mg2 weight.

    Get a trailer that will carry 1-1/2 ton or two. Twin axle. you never know how much more you will want to carry. One of those small plant trailers would be ideal.
  14. Happy birthday Harryt

    All the Best, young Harry. Hope you've got some handy presents.
  15. Rejuvenating an old rusty Spade

    Alan told me there was quite a few of them at Johns, but he and Chris skipped them.
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