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  1. Bolens 1050 Seat Cover

    Looks like it needs some more padding in there Andrew
  2. Tri Rib 400x8 Tyres

    Oh great. Thats cheaper, but will need some for another tractor at point thanks Ewan Mine arrived today & they have tubes
  3. Tri Rib 400x8 Tyres

    I have tubes so don't panic
  4. Tri Rib 400x8 Tyres

    Can you get 400-8 tyres on a Large Frame No Alain, they going on my Bolens 600 Thanks guys I have ordered some from All terain tyres
  5. Tri Rib 400x8 Tyres

    I know some of you have fitted some Tri Rib tyres to the front of your tractors Where is the best place to buy a pair of 400-8 then? Thanks
  6. See if I can get some thing sorted to bring
  7. Christmas Sandwich

    I know exactly where that pic was taken Seems alot going on down the road from my house
  8. Westwood Gemini rotavator

    Does not look like its had a hard life Paul Does it run??

    I hoping for a chassis for a Series 1 Landrover but doubt that fit down the log burner flu Happy Christmas from us
  10. Kubota 7100 1978 project

    All those years with out anti freeze taken there toll on the Ali castings. Maybe thermo syphoned system??
  11. Big Bit of winter fun

    That gritter pic has been all over Facebook How on earth it get like that on a country lane???
  12. Kent and Sussex Xmas meal

    Looks like Wendy had been on the hard stuff in the 1st pic Paul Sorry we could not make it as already had plans
  13. Angle iron

    OK. I am arround tomorrow afternoon & I do have interest but nothing set in stone so its 1st who turns up with some money & takes away
  14. My New Wheels...

    Looks like one old boy owner from new & kept in a garage job
  15. Angle iron

    What about a Bolens to play with?? Got some here for sale & only down the road from you
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