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  1. Newhaven Fort

    Very dodgy bunch of fellas any of you pre war Looks an interesting place
  2. wheel horse D series

  3. 1978 Westwood

    Were westwoods built in the 70s?? I would have guessed 1988
  4. Ransomes MG40 and HR4 discs

    They will clean up well Rob once they been used for a while
  5. Reversible plough

    Looks home made to me Chris Does it say made in Hawkhurst on the ID plate
  6. Why you want the buy a Large Frame Bolens then Harry The D200 has the same engine as an HT20 Tug of war next year me thinks
  7. I told you Joseph, us bolens men are not scared of wheel horses or there owners. Instead of me driving my crawler round the ring I just mugged Harry for his D200 to tame . That thing does have a mind of its own in the hydro dept Great pics guys That mini D200 of Alans is the dogs
  8. biddenden Tractorfest

    Anybody going Friday???
  9. Recycled show board

    Thats where that sign went Chris which I went past every day down the road
  10. Never know what you might see

    Hope you raised the middle finger
  11. Tour of Duty

    How many scrap skips have you filled now then guys
  12. A New use for an old bit of kit!!

    You can now put in 1st gear on tick over & cut the hedge at the same time
  13. It won't start after I've rewired it why?

    You shorted the coil? Whats it doing? Not turning over?
  14. T&M at Newby Hall rally

    Dont people smile in Yorkshire then Not had chance to read mine yet.
  15. wheel horse D series

    We know where a few more are dont we Nigel
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