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  1. wheel horse plough on ebay

    Been on there a while if its the one with the JD bracket
  2. Did you give receipt saying sold as seen?? Sounds like the buyer was a bit of a turd
  3. That tracked honda is cool What is that evil machine in the last couple of pics!!!
  4. Martin Markham

    Looks like Land rover tyres on the rear
  5. Junkyard Brothel R-rated

    Very sad
  6. Woodstore Surprise

    Looks like a John mod
  7. Round hood wheel horse

    I have a mate in Kent with a Lawn Ranger in working order with deck for sale. I sold it to him years ago
  8. Wheel Horse RJ-58 Restoration

    Nigel was wondering where is face pack had gone This tractor is coming along well.
  9. Its a perfect fit

    Dont show Harry HE WILL WANT IT
  10. The Showmans new Toy

    I would have brought if for the engine Chris Trac Fest Entry this year??
  11. Westwood Gemini belt

    Sure Paul & Angus will be along very soon to answer that
  12. Villiers Diesel engine. D415

    Never knew Villiers did a diesel You learn something new every day
  13. It's Snowed.

    Been raining all day here
  14. Bolens 1050 Seat Cover

    Looks like it needs some more padding in there Andrew
  15. Tri Rib 400x8 Tyres

    Oh great. Thats cheaper, but will need some for another tractor at point thanks Ewan Mine arrived today & they have tubes
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