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  1. Honda MadTrax V Twin Quad.. Chop n changing..

    this allready sounds interesting, please continue
  2. Honda MadTrax V Twin Quad.. Chop n changing..

    so nigel is now hopping around the shop?
  3. My ploughing Tractor has now been Christened

    it looks like an elf or gutbrod because it is one, its just rebranded
  4. My motohak Cultivator

    i threw one of them out as it was taking up to much space in parts, still have some of the gearbox parts. i've put some literature of it on here somewhere. i also have the wheels and hubs i think.
  5. Big Bit of winter fun

    isn't it fun playing in the snow? i spent my afternoon the same way, clearing all the sidewalks in the village atleast an hour of play time
  6. they should've turned the microwave on, natural selection at its best
  7. smart&brown model M

    im looking for a decent condition cross slide screw as mine is a bit worn(the acme thread looks like standard allthread/threaded rod) and maybe the original coolant pump if its there. those change gears and drawbar sound good too tho
  8. smart&brown model M

    nice looking lathe so far, i also like the car lift are you making one complete lathe out of the two? if so i might be interested in some parts
  9. smart&brown model M

    also a little update, this is what the lathe looks like now and has looked like for about a month or so, getting my car ready for MOT and not passing it after a bunch of work has meant not a lot has been done on the lathe
  10. smart&brown model M

    Welcome aboard Gus, got any photo's of that lathe of yours? we really like pictures around here as for taking the backgear out i think all of this should be taken either off or out the grubscrew you allready removed than take this handle off by tapping out the little pin, i got it to slide of with some carefull hammer and chisel work and then the locking mechanism, haven't put it back on mine yet but this is where it goes, should screw right out then i believe you have to tap the shaft out from the handle side, if you have acces to a hydraulic press id suggest taking the headstock off. this can be done by loosening these two lockdowns, square socket drive should fit this is the one at the back of the machine and you can just make out the one below the chuck good luck
  11. One for the showman

    here's another one

    ooh i like seeing the solo motorhacke in the 8th pic, i had one of those
  13. Versatiller

    @pmackellow attention please
  14. Gutbrod with brinly plough

    should be as close to the plow as possible, to far forward as it sits now
  15. smart&brown model M

    well, i couldn't wait, so i done a dry fit of the painted parts. looks pretty if you'd ask me
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