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    ooh i like seeing the solo motorhacke in the 8th pic, i had one of those
  2. Versatiller

    @pmackellow attention please
  3. Gutbrod with brinly plough

    should be as close to the plow as possible, to far forward as it sits now
  4. smart&brown model M

    well, i couldn't wait, so i done a dry fit of the painted parts. looks pretty if you'd ask me
  5. smart&brown model M

    mine is cast iron, bloody heavy to move
  6. smart&brown model M

    time for a small update methinks, picture time found some numbers on the back of the base, d 21. no idea what these numbers mean but they've been painted over once before and put back on in a slightly different location also found some stamped numbers in one of the scraped surfaces. could this mean this is the thirteenth lathe build? mostly bare metal now, time for some red oxide now sporting a nice coat of RAL 3011 tadaaa! first coat of paint on the outside. collour/collor code is RAL 7005 thats all the pics for now. i did hot pressure wash the ways and some of the other big bits as they were pretty greasy and it also took most of the non original paint off. and before you ask yes i did dry and oil all the machined surfaces after washing it
  7. Illusive Woodruff Key Size in UK

    i got mine from a toro dealer, packet of two, not all that expensive
  8. wheel Horse rear Brackets

    are there different versions for hydro's and manual transmissions? i thought they were all the same? anyway have a look on craigslist or on redsquare classifieds. they go from 50 to 100 bucks. good luck
  9. smart&brown model M

    todays progress are those blueish marks prussian blue left over from scraping it level?
  10. smart&brown model M

    Ah there, i did look over it. Thanks wristpin Just ordered a manual
  11. smart&brown model M

    todays progress in picture form parts are cleaning up pretty nice if you'd ask me. degreaser and some 400 grit wet 'n dry sandpaper does a good job of making the metal visible again its a wise desission to take it all apart, this greasy sawdust is everywhere on the machine the headstock was also taken off to get to the feed clutch thingy, someone was a little rough on the handle and snapped a pin in half the machine as it stands now, the ways also cleaned up pretty nice with some 400grit and degreaser
  12. smart&brown model M

    i have been there, cant find anything on manuals tho, might be looking over it of course
  13. smart&brown model M

    finally the lathe is home, and allready started cleaning it i guess it was sold by this guy also found a name on a dirty chuck, anyone know if these are any good? here is said dirty chuck, ready for a degreaser bath tomorrow this will also be degreased, dont want a schticky compound slide( thats what its caller right?) and the last picture for today, starting to look somewhat presentable also if anyone has any idea where to find a manual and parts/accesoiries for one of these lathes let me know please
  14. Who Do They Think They Are?

    i've come across these people in oncoming lanes when driving big tractors, mostly the bmw's that steer towards the tractor to make you move over. they most often quickly rethink their actions when i do the same after they did it
  15. Rollo Croftmaster

    im with wristpin on it being a villiers
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