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  1. dirttrack volkswagen mopar

    this project came about after a few beers(best ideas come when drinking) we had a vw caddy that wouldnt run(ecu went swimming) and a dodge daytona with a broken steering rack and after some carefull guesstimating we started hacking the two apart to make one. its still a work in progress since we cant shift from the driving seat and we lost drive thats the front end of a dodge daytona shelby z and here's the caddy lowered on to it and here's a little vid from the first propper test drive https://photos.app.goo.gl/HBhnE4hMhRuK1vvk7
  2. Project Wheel-Vo... Running gear found.

    dont think those front wheels will be on the ground alot absolute madness, i love it
  3. Tyre sizes

    i use bkt's for plowing, they look the same and work fine as long as i dont plow to deep. these should do fine
  4. Vintage 1951 ransomed mk 6

    pictures would help
  5. The Beast is alive and well

    nice looking machine, do wonder, do those tracks fit on other tractors? like a wheel horse
  6. Fichtel & Sachs AG STAMO 202

    stamo stands for stand motor or stationär motor, meaning stationary engine. the stamo's arent too uncomon and parts are available also i dont think its a 4stroke, think sachs only made twostrokes? 191cc from 74 parts list http://schreiber-zweiradshop.de/Reparaturanleitung--Ersatzteilliste--Ersatzteileliste--Reparaturanweisung--Betriebsanleitung--Druckschriften-/Ersatzteillisten--SACHS--Sachsmotor--Hercules--K50-RL--K50-SL--K50-Sprint--MK1--MK2--SB1--SB2--Sachs-98ccm--Sachs-100ccm--Sachs-98-/Ersatzteilliste-SACHS-Stamo-161--201--202.html
  7. You can't make it up.

    broken down john deere's?
  8. MG6 Loader

    ooh that looks rickety, wouldnt trust that
  9. Round hood wheel horse

    welcome to mom Damian, join the the roundhood cue
  10. No You Blokes Have Done it, No Meat Sandwiches

    for some people eating anything is bad for the inviroment because it keeps them alive
  11. Project Wheel-Vo... Running gear found.

    ooh sounds like a nice mad project, so, would a volvo 850 drivetrain do? i might be able to get one of those cheap
  12. this allready sounds interesting, please continue
  13. so nigel is now hopping around the shop?
  14. My ploughing Tractor has now been Christened

    it looks like an elf or gutbrod because it is one, its just rebranded
  15. My motohak Cultivator

    i threw one of them out as it was taking up to much space in parts, still have some of the gearbox parts. i've put some literature of it on here somewhere. i also have the wheels and hubs i think.
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