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  1. Mower Deck refurbishment

    one of the arguments of not doing that is eventually pushing the outer seals out with grease.
  2. Wheel Horse Sickle Bar.

    looking good norm, when are you silaging it?
  3. Martin Markham Colt help

    just wondering, did the po store some bits in a pond?
  4. Martin Markham Colt help

    the diff and clutch look rather crusty, i wish him good luck on the restore
  5. Found this in the mud

    boat anchor?
  6. smart&brown model M

    looks that way, most is dusty grease should clean up pretty quick and good
  7. smart&brown model M

    i've got a new lathe i know where this lathe was for years and been trying to get it for some years finally its mine. havent got it home yet tho i'll put up some more when i get it home
  8. Tipping trailer

    regarding the health and safety, might want to try the safety squints next time
  9. Blindley Heath Horse and Country Show

    nice pics Chris, i like that drag car in the first photo
  10. Lawns of a dilemna

    if you decide to break them, i'd be interested in the cylinder assembly
  11. Hako D522 diesel tractor

    had a look and seems that the cap closets to the seat is diesel, the one in front engine oil/two stroke oil and the small one on the front is hydraulics
  12. Hako D522 diesel tractor

    HAKO! i'd love me one of those one day but them cost quite a lot over here i dont think it needs any aditional two stroke oil since its a diesel, and being JLO id guess its aircooled. as for starting it try wetting a rag with petrol and holding it over the airfilter, should start on that the third tank might be engine oil, could be dry sump
  13. New Project Any information would be useful

    might also be an ohio steel one if its an early wh one
  14. New Project Any information would be useful

    id say brinley/ wheelhorse since it looks to have a slot hitch thingy on it
  15. First snow in the Deep South

    its snowing over Here too