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    Calf dozer

    This is my latest purchase and arguably my favorite one yet. An aveling barford calf dozer, a very early one being the hopper cooled one and the original 800cc dorman Petrol engine. A beast of a machine and built to with stand the test of time. Due to the nature of use, usually these machines are worn out but this one is pretty good in my opinion. Starts easily and will run all day. Has the front blade with it and drawbar. Wanted one of these for a while and now finally have one. here are some pictures for you guys.
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    Wheel mod.

    The standard rear wheels on the C-121, (Black Horse), though fitted with ag tyres, are a little wide for ploughing. The earlier narrower wheels tend to be a bit hard to come by. I acquired a pair of 700 x 12 ag tyres off the Fife Pooman. These had come off a walk behind and practically new. Tubes with them as well. Bit narrow for the standard wheels, but as I had some spare wheels a plan was formed. People widen wheels, so how about going t'other way? Off to a local engineering firm with a pair of wheels. A week later I had six wheel parts and my wallet £20 lighter. Today I had some workshop time and started to build them up. Gavin who had machined them for me, had marked them up. So each half would match it's respective other half. The cut out centre pieces I cut through once to make a band that would hold the two halves in position. Yes, I know. I should have taken a photo. The band was placed round the two wheel halves and clamped in position. I only used one G clamp, as I only had one big enough and moved it round as I tacked the band in place. With both wheels done and the welds cleaned up a bit, the result is below. Not pretty I know, but they will be. Next job is to clean off the old paint. One job I really enjoy.
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    Kubota 7100 1978 project

    Bought this as my winter project, it needs lots and lots of work
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    I went up to a friends place on Saturday not 20 miles from here to collect a set of rear wheel weights and while i was there i saw the little tractor they came off. It was hiding in a dark container looking all forlorn to be losing part of its rearend so a deal was struck and it was loaded in my van. Its in good condition and will enjoy its new home with the Horses. Heres a few photos for you to look at and i need a new coil if anyone has one.
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    the showman

    Another day in the brambles

    Spent my usual Tuesday rummaging though the brambles and to my surprise this got uncovered from it's hiding place
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    Old Tankman

    Work Horse

    A friends Mom flipped his Work Horse on it's side 10 years ago. Horse went to the dealer, repaired and a new 48" SD deck. Parked in his barn after repairs. Never used again. Cleaning out his barn I offered, "I'll haul the tractor away 'No Charge." Leon Redbone agreed. After cleanup, a bit of paint, added the Dial-A-Height, machine is excellent. Didn't care for all gray, belt guards are now Rustoeum Regal Red. Coarse skateboard grip tape on the foot rests, new seat.
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    the showman


    Would like to wish all the forum user's a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
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    the showman

    To old to shuffle

    Halfway through the day I decided to change the tractors around that I'm taking to Rural past times and change trailer as the one outside was a bit tacky. The one I wanted was right at the back of my well organised storeage shed so had to shuffle everything to get it out. By 4 pm I started to wander if i made the right decision not to mention the heavy rain we had. by 7.15 i had the Bolens and Raider 12 in the van with the posh trailer and everything thrown back in the shed.
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    the showman

    C120 Putting on the Pounds

    Got my working wheelhorse out today, first job was to fit the refurbished rear wheels, change the standard seat for a heavier one and fit the wheel weights. taken off. two standand wheels 52lbs. standard seat.............11lbs. fitted on. two narrow wheels 48lbs. seat........................37lbs. two rear weights.....100lbs. so total extra is 122lbs, I'm pleased with that and should help with traction
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    Hello all I am new to the group,i have bought my father in law a ride on mower as he is staring to struggle doing his big garden by hand.I am not made of money so had to get a fixer up and come across a westwood gazelle w11. It was in a sorry state but I have spent the last 4 weeks taking back to bare metal and powdercoating every part , replacing every nut and bolt. My question is I have spent all this time doing the restoration I didn't think to ask the question are these any good at cutting grass?
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    How many can I get on?

    After much thought and penny counting, I decided to throw caution to the wind, risk the wrath of swmbo and spend some of the kids inheritance. 12ft x 6ft but in total 16ft 4" x 6ft 8". Had one heck of a job reversing into the yard due to the angle of drive to lane and having to reverse round the corner of the green as well. Best measure your drive Chris.
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    the showman

    The Travels of a Sears Roper

    Dearly beloved, we gathered at Johns today for the collection of the Sears Roper where it has been kept for the last few months in a nice warm workshop wrapped in blankets. It was pulled from the brambles years ago and nursed back to life by Alan and his heeling hands and now due to lack of storage he has to pass it on reluctantly to a new owner. A very sad day as he tried to stop me loading it into the awaiting Sprinter all without success. Heres some photos of the proceedings. Hankys at the ready
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    Bolens HT23

    I am not sure if I have introduced my HT23 on here before. I bought the tractor in 2009 and I mainly use it for grass cutting duties Last year I lifted the deck and one of the deck lift bolts broke, I then managed to rip up the wood threshold on the door of my workshop trying to drive it in with the deck dragging on the ground. I have been a bit busy so it has taken me until now to get around to fixing it. First I remove the old lift bolts, looks like someone has been here before as they should not be made out of M12 threaded rod I then pulled one off my HT20 so I could see what they should look like I then made some replacement parts then I made a quick frame to hold the parts in place for welding I even gave them a quick coat of paint before fitting I can't believe what a difference it makes, the deck lift has never been this good. Another job done. Iain
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    the showman

    Bolens 600 rear hitch

    Now ive got the Bolens running i want to put it to work so the first job is to make a rear hitch. hunting round in the shed for suitable material i came across a camshaft locking kit for an Audi A 6 so being that I won't be doing anymore of those i cut it up. Heres today's progress and photos
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    the showman

    Handy angle drive

    Just when we thought we'd found all the goodies this was unearthed. Its a right angle drive but has a shaft out of each slde that drive the same rotation, handy for a 4x4 project
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    A Right Ransome Day.

    As Jonathan, (expeatfarmer) was not going to be able to attend the HVC ploughing match this year, he kindly offer one of his crawlers and a plough, to anyone who wanted to enter. I kindly accepted his offer and volunteered my mate Dunc. Never having driven a Ransome before, though many other agricultural machines, we met at Jonathans last Monday so Dunc could have a drive and see the plough he would use. MG5 imported from the south of France along with the three furrow plough hanging on the back. You'll notice, now I've told you, the plough at the rear is off set by about 2". Why?, you ask. Haven't a clue. We collected tractor and plough today and took it to Dunc's for a bit of practice. Neither of us having any idea of setting things up. The afternoon was spent freeing things up and with much debate, a couple of trial runs. More will be done tomorrow or Saturday, depending on the weather. Below are some shots of the plough.
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    Wheel Weights.

    Rear wheel weights are something I've been wanting for some time. Now and then various ideas have crossed my mind, but I've never got around to actually doing anything. Art, (Old Tankman), put up a post on some he'd made. That was the kick I needed. The other day I acquired a pair of rear discs/drums off a Land Rover Freelander, out off the scrap bin at my local Land Rover specialists. The disc fits nicely into the outer edge of the Wheel Horse rear wheel. Today, while visiting a local engineering workshop, I left with two of these pulleys. The pulleys also fit nicely into the inside of the wheels. If you look closely, you will see two small holes in the drum. There's actually four and they are pilot holes for bolt holes to fasten disc/drum to pulley. You can see the four corresponding punch marks in the pulley. They are now drilled and ready for bolting together. Next I drilled four more holes in the pulleys for studs to bolt the finished weights to the wheels. These were spot drilled using a spare wheel as a jig. They were then drilled for tapping out 10mm. Here I hit a problem. I've a fair collection of taps, UNC, BSF, UNF, Metric and BSP. Believe it or not, NO 10mm taps to be found.
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    the showman

    Wheel weights

    Picked up a couple of rear wheel weights from a friend, they are about 50 lbs each and should help with traction, just got to clean them up and paint them but very pleased with them
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    the showman

    De' Ja' Vu

    Today's progress has been a bit slow due to a very stubborn hub, i warmed it up and bolted a puller on but no joy. I gave it a good soaking and tried again still wouldn't move. Next I connected up the gas axe to get more heat and quicker, with it glowing it still refused to move so i went for a cuppa to cool off. I thought I'd give it one more chance if not I decided to leave it rather than brake it. Same again with loads of heat and an extension pipe on my T bar it moved and off it came, next was the other side so with puller fitted it slid straight off. It was a lot of work but at least i got them off and can change the oil seals and I didn't break anything.
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    westwood lawnbug!!

    New steering shroud fettled, painted and fitted to the Lawnbug, decal arrived from Titch at Machinery Decals today so that's finished it off...
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    Big Bit of winter fun

    Well we had to give it a go, remember where we put all the kit ,fit it and have a play
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    the showman

    Wheelhorse from bits

    Had a couple of spare hours today so I've done it bit more. everything just about done and all up and running, I've moved it backwards and forwards in the shed , next job to get it out and try it round the garden.
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    Martin Markham Colt tractor

    Picked this one up today, Martin Markham colt deluxe. Came from over the border from Wales, long journey but definitely worth it in my opinion. I have already got the 7hp version but this one had some tempting attatchments, so I had a deal with the owner. It was from a lady who's husband had passed away about 2 months ago and she was selling it, although she liked it, she wanted to let it go to a new home. It was restored around 10 years ago ( not the best restoration) but has kept the rust away and I have been told the gearbox was overhauled which is a bonus😀. Does not run currently but going to have a go tomorrow, should not be much. As you might be able to make out it was road registered, last in 1970😬, but I have the log book and original manual. It has the loader, trailer, plough, rotovator and the rear topper, all surprisingly in good condition for there age and purpose of use. Will get some more pictures tomorrow and hopefully get it running.
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    Never know what you might see

    Minding my own business, ignore the speedo. It reads over seen this dodgy geezer moving horses, hope no one on here is missing any....
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    Tipping trailer

    Give my mate a bit of a hand today to start a new trailer project, well, he done the work and i stood and took photo's. They say that its the thought that counts, so i was thinking about all the work i was watching him do, does that count ? Anyway, this trailer will be roughly a scaled down version of this, Started of with some 3x1 1/2 channel to build the frame. Lower bracket for ram. We are very serious about health and safety, that why we will only ever chance one eye ! Gary got some wheels and hubs from an old golf cart, so axle making is next. Axle all put together. And welded in place.
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    Oh and some fit bird pinched my Commando 8 for the arena parade yesterday !
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    The axle bearings from the Bolens were used plus the front axle mounting bracket which was hack sawed from the frame, cut in two, excess removed, slotted and drilled to take the bearings. The extra holes were for possible height adjustment at a later date. Easier to do now than later. These were pop riveted to the box section ready for welding later. The front axle was then given a lot of thought. The full size is a cast, tapered in two directions, webbed unit. Something simpler was needed. A piece of thick walled 1" square was used with tube king pin mounts. A test piece was cut to gauge the angle required, followed by marking, cutting, bending, filing and drilling the main components. Small infill pieces were inserted to give the weld something to bite on. The axle mount was made up of 3/16" plate fastened to chassis box section cross members, with 1/2" bore bushes. The pivot is an old Austin 7 king pin. All a bit on the beefy side but just materials to hand. I should say that ALMOST all the materials used in the entire build were saved during the clear out at John's. Also, as I do not have proper machining facility's, most of the work was done by hand. Hand drill, hack saw, jig saw, files etc. I do have a small Unimat 3 model makers lathe which was used for some of the lighter machining jobs. Also an old Drummond round bed which is in need of work and a chuck adapter. Guess where this came from. I also adapted an old Picador drill press to take a larger hand drill. This wasn't too satisfactory, side play and too fast for the larger drill bits. These were more suitable for wood, not metal. Photo's later. The next few photo's show the chassis and axle mounted on a board ready for welding. The rear axle mounting plates drop into slots in the board. The two dark coloured angles are temporary and just to help keep things square.
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    Wheel Horse Sickle Bar.

    All finished and ready to test. Took that in the morning and was going to see what it was like this afternoon after I'd done an oil change. Unfortunately I got a call from the farm and had to go and drive a big tractor.
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    MK12 Villiers

    What to do with a 'free' weekend, a pile of Villiers MK12 bits and a can of paint? Having restored several machines using Villiers engines over the last couple of years I have managed to collect 3 almost complete donor engines..... So as I was at loose end this weekend I set about sorting them out with a view to making one good engine out of all the bits! It's suprising what you can do in just a day, engines stripped, parts cleaned, degreased, old paint removed, de-rusted, etch primed, painted, gaskets made, parts reassembled...... I have a carb and exhaust, the only parts I haven't got is a working coil, 3 dud ones, tank brackets and an exhaust gasket! The coil is probably the most expensive part to buy for one of these engines, might have to wait a few weeks! I'm probably going to make a stationary engine out of this one, mount it on a trolley and have it powering some sort of lighting.........
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    Wheel Horse Sickle Bar.

    Got a bit more done today. Getting the lift right was a bit of a problem. When down, the downward curve of the lift arm fouled the guard and top pulley. Eventually I decided to disconnect the lift chain and cable tie the arm up as far as I could. I could have cut the downward curve off, but I don't want to alter things if I can help it. With the arm up I fastened the lift chain to the guard/frame. Next I had to have someway of holding the cutter bar in the vertical position. Had a root round and came up with this. Finally a couple of shots of it down and up. Next thing to do is make a handle to lift the cutter bar. Again I don't want to alter the original handle. Get that done and I can work out a belt length.
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    Newby Hall Rally

    First day of the Newby Hall Rally Weather nowt special but some very nice kit on show Here's some photos...
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    the showman

    Plumpton college

    Had a nice day at Plumpton Agricultural College open day, weather was good and nice to chill out and wander round looking at stuff. heres a couple of photos of what got my attention
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    the showman

    Another day in the brambles

    Had time to get the plough out of the van and have a better look at it. Found a id tag under a coat of paint and managed to scrape it off to reveal the maker and serial number, next was to free off the adjuster which didn't take to much. The wheel was free so i just lubricanted that, i also freed off the bolts to enable height adjustment. on the hitch end I noticed that was adjustable so freed off those bolts. The fitting plate bracket thingy is welded on at an angle so i can only assume that when ploughing with the 2 offside wheels in the furrow the plough will be upright, ( your comments please ). heres some photos
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    the showman

    Bolens 600 rear hitch

    Got a bit more done today. the lift bar i had to offset to miss the foot rest and i made it adjustable at both ends incase i want more lift or more downwards movement depending what attachments I'm using. heres some photos that tell the rest
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    Thanks mate, were still waiting to drive the RJ as you will see.. So what can I say about the RJ... I think AARRGGHHH sums it up quite well! I don't know what the RJ has against us but it's really fighting us at the very last stage!! You would think something as simple as putting the steering wheel on would be easy, but no! When the RJ arrived the steering wheel was held on with a bent nail.. Now most of the time it's because the original roll pin? has been lost at some point in time.. Not this time.. The holes in the wheel and column didn't actually line up very well so a nail was the only thing that would fit in! I guess the steering wheel isn't the original! Anyway, some very careful drilling and the wheel is now held on with a custom made quick release clip thingy "Deep breath"... Now onto the engine.. The very nice looking Schmacke or is it Schmacko? (It's hard to read on the photo's) has been driving us nuts! The recoil didn't want to which was eventually sorted, the the "gripping" bits that grip the hexagonal shaft on the engine decided it didn't want to to the gripping bit! Quite why we just can't work out, nothing is broken and it works 90% of the time when not fitted to the engine.. Fit it to the engine however and it will work for a couple of pulls then stop again! If I had to count the amount of time the recoil unit has been on and off the engine both Nigel and I would have to remove our boots and socks as we would run out of fingers to count on very quickly!!!! In the end for the sake of our sanity we decided to swap the recoil until over for one that works the more normal way, which in it's self is almost a straight forward swap... Woo-Hoo we can pull the engine over again.... But why is the engine cover moving around so much??? That would be because there should be a bolt where this hole is... The trouble is the backing plate is missing most of the threaded bolt hole as it had been broken off at some point in it's life! We do have another good backing plate to swap over, but that involves a lot of stripping two engine down to swap parts.. Forward one step, back two or is it four? It's not all bad news though, we have had the engine running.. For a short while anyway.. Once started it would run quite nice for a few mins, then start running rough, then eventually it would stop! Best have a look at the carb again, pulling the pin out that holds the float in place was nerve wracking as the casting one side which holds the pin in place isn't as strong as it should be.. Can you spot a problem? Yep the new O ring doesn't like petrol and has grown somewhat! No chance what so ever of getting this jet thingy out!!! It looks like someone has been at the float valve thingy already! Getting it out was er... Shall we say interesting! The carb has now been put back together and will be going back on the engine once the backing plate has been swapped over (tomorrow hopefully) and the "will it run ok?" sequence can start over again..
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    Wheelhorse signs

    Not quite a ride on , but I have put this in the ride on section as there isn't really a relevant section for signs. I was having a few signs made up recently for the house and was so impressed this young guys work that I wondered if he would make me a few Wheelhorse logo signs , I picked them up yesterday and was delighted at how they came out . One of them has been polished to a mirror finish & the other has been brushed steel affect . They were made out of 4 mm stainless steel to are very strong and naturally will not rust . I am that impressed with them I am going to make one of them a clock and am also having others made up into clocks . let me know what you chaps think. Anyone that may be interested in a clock I will show you the finished product soon and if your interested you can let me know . As you can imagine , the steel is the thick grade quality and stainless isn't cheep so the clocks won't be a £10 cheapy . These particular signs are about 3 ft in length
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    the showman

    Rear wheel referb

    Found a pair of narrow rear wheels and tyres in my store and thought now the weather has warmed up i would clean them up and fit them on the back of my Raider 12 that i use for ploughing hopefully will give me a bit more traction
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    Wheel mod.

    Got the tyres and tubes fitted today. Chunky!
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    Someone's nicked the greenhouse.

    Got some more done today after it stop raining. This is the strip I did by hand yesterday. Nearly to the drive gate. Little C-81 has been working like a good 'un. She looks a lot cleaner in the photo than she is. Drainage pipe in, covered with pea gravel, membrane on that and filled in. Rusty thinking, "Oh goody! Some nice soft earth to dig holes in".
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    the showman

    De' Ja' Vu

    Managed to get in the shed and do a bit more. i finished getting the rust and crap off the chassis and got a coat of primer on it and sorted out a couple of attach a matic thingys.
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    the showman

    Wheelhorse from bits

    Got a bit more done today in between tea breaks
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    Ardingly Autumn Show

    Last lot of photos from today...
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    Not many photo's of work on the hood. A slightly larger than required alloy sheet was cut and a shallow fold made on the center line. A board with a curved edge was clamped over the sheet, after carefully guesstimating where the side fold should start. Hope that makes sense. The sheet was then bent around the board forming one side of the hood. This was repeated for the other side resulting in a shape which was not far off the required result. What luck. A little tweaking with a rubber mallet and a length of round bar persuaded the front and rear of the curved folds to line up with the headlamp surround and dash. A lot of time was then spent trimming the oversize edges to get the best fit I could manage, followed by clamping to the headlamp surround and drilling for the pivot bolts.
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    New arrival.. Wheel Horse D-200

    Morning all, sorry I've not posted or even been on MOM of late, life has been stupidly busy to say the least!! Anyway, a long long time ago there was a thread on good old RedSquare about which wheel horse would be on your "wanted hit list". One of them was a GT-14 which thanks to Neil, one came my way.. A great machine which has now moved to pastures new.. The other I'm sure you can guess from the title was a D-200 Nigel bought this machine from Harry with the thought of changing the engine (which had a knock according to the bloke Harry bought it from), to something a bit different.. Then Nigel made the mistake of saying something along the lines of "I expect you will end up owning the D eventually". Which got me thinking A bit of a play with the wiring (The PTO switch had been badly by-passed) and the engine had a spark, and a temporary gravity fed fuel tank sorted out the fuel side of things.. Much to Nigel and my surprise the engine fired right up and sounded good with sign of any knocking sounds! The trans is a bit noisy but that may sort it's self out with a bit of use as the Big D hadn't been used in a very long time.. A few photo's for you.. And of course a video.... I hope to get an engine running and driving vid edited today, but for now here's an intro vid..
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    Lawn Boy Loafer

    New addition to the collection from deepest Norfolk 1965 Lawn Boy Loafer, can either be used as a ride on tractor or with the front axle removed will attach to a Lawn Boy mower, so it can be a mower pusher Apparently only 6 of these were imported to the UK. The previous owner has a restored one and works for E.P. Barrus who are modern day Lawn Boy importers and he has researched its history Apologies for the poor photos, but it has been raining all day, I'll get it out of the trailer and get some better photos when the weather improves
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    The Fife Plooman

    Cupar rally 2017

    Hi all We attended our local rally the weather was good the exhibits were good and the company was good. hope you like . there was a lot going on but we just sat back and enjoyed the day answering questions about our exhibits
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    Steam in the Park, Dartford

    A nice one day show we visited today, all types of vintage machines on show Here's some photos...
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    Restored this BMB PRESIDENT about 40 years ago. Member Paul on MoM who has one was interested in seeing photo's so I dug out my old prints and did a few quick copy's. Towed it back to friend John's place with either a David Brown or the recently departed B450 along with a trailer load of bits and pieces. The people in blue weren't too fussy in those days. Kept to the back roads anyway. Not too much wrong apart from paint. Didn't take long to get it running and have a play. Then dismantled, cleaned and repainted. Don't remember the make of paint but all brushed. No facility for spraying. Whatever it was was good quality, same with the brushes. Think I applied 3 top coats to get a good deep finish. All the lettering was done with water slide transfers. 1/8" and 1/4" high letters applied individually. The other parts were cut from sheet. Cannot remember though how I did the PRESIDENT. Might have been cut out letters etc or just painted. No Titch or Mark in those days. Drove it to a few early local shows and did a garden leveling job with a scraper blade mounted on the rear hydraulic arms. Worked well. After a period of standing idle it was sold. Not seen since. The last photo shows me in my streamlined form and before my hair faded.
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    New here

    I'm new here and these are my 2 engines. Cool forum, I found it through Redsquare.
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    This RJ turned up at the workshop today

    More of an RJ update for you chaps, let's have a look at the hood/bonnet shall we.. Interesting, a repainted gas tank with no fuel tap (Neil did mention it leaked ) and lot's of paint cleaned off the bottom! What's going on under (or is that above?) the tank? Soooooo... Someone has ground back the filler smoothing out the underside of the hood/bonnet to weld on new fuel tank straps! I'd guess when the hood was painted no tank straps were fitted.. It so happen that the strap welds are in the same place as the filler cracks above! Who ever did it thought something sucked as that's what it looks like has been written! No idea why when I upload this photo it turns it sideways! Oh, and the top of the tank never got painted! Out with the grinder and a workshop full of filler dust later it was good to see the rust was surface rust only, and only where the filler had cracked... And a random pop rivet! As the bonnet/hood has quite a lot of ripples under the filler, there was no point in taking it all out only to replace it.. So with the surface rust carefully cleaned back to bare metal the first layer of filler went back in.. Easy sand no pin holes filler eh! At least the easy sand bit was right.. No worries, a second skim will sort it. Meanwhile I catch Nigel dancing with some masking tape and a bench full of RJ parts! Some parts like the gear (I'm not sure it should be called that!) lever had never be repainted, so here it is with all the thick surface rust cleaned off awaiting some red oxide primer. Some parts in the "need to to have the paint flattened back to give the primer a good key" Que Some primed parts hanging about the place. The hood now looks good with a fresh coat of red oxide primer, I'm happy with the overall shape of my filler work, there's a just a couple of little spots that are annoying me.. I will sort them tomorrow.
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